Big Dude Jamie

Only fair that a do an update on my Jamie-Jame too!

Seven… seven… I still can’t believe I have a 7-year old that’s almost done with the 3rd term of his first year of primary school.  It’s surreal.  This dude makes me so proud as he is doing really well at school – reading and mathematics he excels in; and then sports – I can almost say he lives for it.  He has really enjoyed playing rugby during the winter, it was also fun watching him play and to see how he developed. Last Saturday he even got awarded man of the match for one of the games (plus his first paramedic check up on the field after he was tackled way too hard and too high – my heart!!!).


We are getting so much support from his principal and teachers at school with regards to his Asperger and sensory issues, and I’m really glad we have chosen this school – they do so much for the kids.  Look it wasn’t easy at the beginning of the year when Jamie had to find his groove and new routines and the teacher didn’t know or understand him, but now it is going so much better. Even his rugby coach commented on how well he is doing now and how focused he gets during rugby practice.  Aftercare is a whole story on it’s own though, but I must say there has been improvement there too, I just wish the owner/manager had the same passion for kids as the school.

Other than that, Jamie has started enjoying music and we bought him a MP3 player a couple of weeks ago and put some music on for him.  We just realised we have to quality check every song as some of the lyrics is really WOES if you listen to it… we thought Cheerleader were fine, until the lyrics about a wizard and his magic wand popped up….. eeek. Parenting ain’t easy!

Not much news otherwise.  I just never realised how busy Grade 1 was going to be in terms of homework and activities.  Where were the days that Grade 1 consisted of lots of playing and just a tad of work… now it’s almost only work and no play – and don’t get me started on the homework!  I’m starting to look forward to school holidays when there are no homework in the evening :p


6 thoughts on “Big Dude Jamie

  1. Such a handsome little chap. And I’m so blessed to have him run up to me for a hug at Aftercare. What a spoil.
    I am so very glad to hear that he is doing so well in school. I knew he just had to find his groove. They really are fab and the staff are wonderful.
    Sorry to hear about the aftercare issues though. I hope this too will follow suite and settle down. Some places do seem to pick on a particular kid. I mentioned that last year they seemed to be picking on a particular little girl until she eventually moved. Don’t let them bully you D. Jamie is perfect.
    Aaargh, I’m terrified. Liam has said he wants to try rugby. He hasn’t been chosen for the last few hockey matches and we’ve convinced him that he’s nice and strong and would be good at rugby, now he wants to do it next year. Be still my beating heart
    I see Jamie gets his chinny-chin-chin from you??

    • I still find it awesome that after years of blogging we are in the general same area and same schools – so it’s so awesome to bump into you some times and get a hug too!
      Thank you, I really do hope things get sorted out – it’s just amazing how different the reports are between his direct caretaker (so positive) and the owner/manager… Really feel that he is being picked on, but will stick to my guns. The MP3 player at school helps him so much so he goes and sits by B and listens to music if the kids gets too much for him.
      Oh my gosh, rugby – I was also very fearful and always said I’ll discourage it, but hockey is also scary to me with the hockey sticks and flying balls. I can see though how it does them good – they really enjoy it!
      Aww my chinny-chin-chin, that’s good to hear 😀 xx

  2. Those contact sports…I don’t know. HB has only done soccer up to now. It was not great for me, falling all over each other, falling on their faces. We only have rugby next year, I think. Hockey is a whole other thing. It scares me too.
    You guys definitely share that mouth and chin.
    Educational professionals who do not understand kids is beyond me…kids are their business and I wish they would make the effort to understand that not all kids are the same, and this does not make them bad.

    • I so agree with you, in one telephone conversation I told her a child will ask to be loved in the most unloving way, it’s our responsibility to see their need and not just label them when they take a little bit more effort, I was chirped with a “yes yes, we know all these things”, but at the same time I know it went over her head and she might know it, but she doesn’t understand it.
      Aww love to hear that Jamie has a little bit of me in him, thank you – I always just hear about how much he looks like his dad, which is true, but good to hear I’m in there somehwere 😀 xx

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