Seventh birthday celebrations for Jamie

And just like that he is seven; and just like that all the celebrations are over and with the craziness of how fast time is flying he is well on his way to age 8 as well.

Oh and did this dude have fun.  He really enjoyed his day to the fullest. He was up before 5, so excited about his birthday.  We started his day with him blowing out his candles and opening his presents.  This year he got the Springbok shirt he longed for (he wore it the whole weekend!), Lego, a Transformer, Messi Foot Bubbles he really wanted (haha don’t ask!) and some odds and ends.  His dad then went to work for half a day while Shae went to school so that Jamie and I can sneak off to the movies where we watched Despicable 3 – we giggled so much.  Dinner was the Spur… his favourite.

PicMonkey Collage

The next day was party day.  Seeing as it rained cats and dogs the previous two years coupled with the fact that he is growing up, we planned a Tenpin Bowling party for him and his friends.

Jamie 7.jpg

Oh my – he was hyper with all the excitement.  All his friends arrived and they had fun playing tenpin and eating sweet treats.  There was way too much sweets in their treat boxes though (which the venue supplied); plus I made him an over the top sweetie cake and the kids had fun picking off the sweets… so I had to apologise to all the parents for their sugar loaded kiddies…oops I really felt bad, but at least the kids had a good time.

I was a bit worried about the kids playing in two teams… kids seem so competitive at this age, but the two teams ended up with the exact same score – can you believe it!  Even little Shae bowled by rolling her ball off a baby slide.  It was a fun party.

PicMonkey Image2.jpg

Afterwards one of Jamie’s best friends’ slept over by our house – so it truly was a bumper packed two days of celebrations.

PS. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. And also thank you to Blogging Buddy Helen and Liam for joining in the birthday fun – was so cool having you guys there.

(I still need to do the “Jamie Loves at Age x” image I usually make on my kids birthdays… hands full with work, so that will follow later when I had a chance to do it)


5 thoughts on “Seventh birthday celebrations for Jamie

  1. This looks like such fun, and a great idea for a birthday party. I love the cake.
    Parents should expect sugar at a party…that is what they are for!

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