Happy birthday Jamie – 7 today!

To my Sparkle-in-the-eye Handsome Boy, Jamie

Seven today.  A whole 7, and you amaze me so much.

You impressed me this year with you starting your school career.  Your eagerness to learn… just amazing, you always were a little sponge soaking up knowledge and experiences.  Always go through life like this.  The world has a lot to learn from you too.

My boy, you are so affectionate, always giving me huge hugs and sloppy kisses – long may it last, I treasure every single one.   Please know and remember that I treasure every single one.

You are just such a sunshine child, always a smile on your face, always that twinkle in your eye and a little bit of silliness in every day – a hop, skip and jump as far as you go.  You never walk, always on the move.  Such a zest for life.  May you never feel the world’s troubles laying heavily on your shoulders.

I love you so much.  More than the highest mountain, more than the deepest waters, more than every grain of sand on this earth, more than you can ever imagine.  I will never stop; and may you never forget.

Happy 7th birthday dearest son-shine.

May your day be as bright as you are.
May your year be all sparkly and glittery and may you go through it feeling like a Superhero, because you are my little hero.
May you love and be loved.
May you be giggling and smiley and chirpy and silly and AWESOME, because everything is awesome.
Thank you for being you.

Love you zig-zig-zagging to the moon and back, around Jupiter and all across the universe.

Your Mommy xx

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8 thoughts on “Happy birthday Jamie – 7 today!

  1. Happy Birthday Jamie.
    We are so fortunate that you Mummy has shared you with us. It’s been wonderful watching you grow. And that I get to see you nearly every day is even more of a blessing. I’ve even been fortunate to receive some of your hugs. Have a fabulous day

  2. Happy Birthday gorgeous cool dude!! Cannot believe how big you have gotten, I am jealous of all the people in your life with sharing life with such an awesome kid!! Grow well big boy, and stay the sun shine boy that you are xx

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