Shae’s Princess Sofia Bash

Oh this little girl had so much birthday fun!  First she had her party with her school friends last Friday.  She enjoyed it so much that she went face first into her mini birthday cake.


For her birthday we planned a lovely party, fit for the little princess she is 🙂

Shae invite2

She was woken up with a cupcake and us singing happy birthday to her.  Gotta have cake at breakfast time on your birthday!

The rest of the day was filled to the brim.  We had her party in the morning with lots of friends and special people. I made her the most beautiful cake – I must say making it brought out the little girl in me, making it made me so happy.  I also did all the baking for the party from little milktarts to an array of cupcakes – double chocolate, white chocolate & caramel, Oreo, scones with cream and some savouries.  That little girl’s face when she saw her cake for the first time was priceless. She actually squealed when she saw it with just the under coat of frosting on and the doll plonked in before the actual fondant decoration took place.

Much fun was had at the party. The kids played so hard and the adults chatting and munching away while the kids were happily keeping themselves busy on the playground.  Even pony rides.

Shae was so hiked up on sugar and adrenaline that she didn’t even want to take a nap when we got home after the party.  We had a bit of down time and then we went to Night at the Museum and afterwards a braai with friends. Was an exceptional day.  The joy on Shae’s face throughout it all made my day, no my year.  So happy that she had such an awesome day.  The next day she got to open the bulk of her presents as there was just no time for it the day before, and she loved absolutely everything she got.  She actually had a full long-weekend of celebrating, precious, lucky little girl ❤





6 thoughts on “Shae’s Princess Sofia Bash

  1. It all looks like so much fun. I am impressed that you managed all that by yourself. Shae is a lucky girl.
    After last years party cancellation, I seem, to have lost my party mojo, hopefully I get it back in a few weeks as there is a party to be planned.

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