Shae is 3!

My big girl, Miss Sassy Pants, my Princess

Tomorrow 3 years ago you came into our lives and enriched it in more ways than you’ll ever know. I remember you being placed in my arms seconds after being born, me holding you and touching you ever so gently, not quite sure if the moment was real – I’ve been dreaming of you for so long.  You were the missing link in my life, in your dad and brother’s lives too.

When you came, you brought SO much happiness along with you, SO much love, SO much starshine and a little magic.  My little darling, I love you madly, more than you will ever know. Perhaps you’ll understand the extent of it one day when you are a mother yourself.

I love your soft arms around my neck.
I love how you touch my face.
I love your oopbek soene.
I love it when you say “lief vir jou mamma” every night before bedtime.
I love how you make me laugh with your clever mouth.
I love how you can put your brother in his place.
I love how you love him too.
I love how you can make your daddy feel special.
I love how you say you are a princess, because you are.
I love the curls in your hair, even though they are starting to disappear.
I love how you pick me flowers, and for your teachers too.
I love how you can devour a bowl of my soup.
I love how you favour everything green, from yoghurt to cereal.
I love your compassionate heart.
I love the twinkle in your eyes….

…Oh my skattebol this list can go on and on, because you are such a sweetheart in my life.

Happy birthday. May the next year in your life bring along a lot of giggles, warm hugs, sweet memories, love and blessings in abundance.  You deserve only the best.  Thank you for being such a huge part of my heart ❤


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