The little girl who holds my heart

DSC_3817I just read the update I did on Shae 6 months ago and it’s amazing how quickly things change.  Shae is happy with Yum Yum peanut butter now :p  I reported back then that she only wanted Black Cat, but that has changed luckily.  Then again, a lot didn’t change – she is still growing up way too fast, her vocabulary is expanding by the day.  I had such a laugh the other day when I gave her Buscopan for her tummy and she chirped me “this medicine is dis-GUST-tingggggg!”

Her third birthday is around the corner for crying out loud!  Time! Stop! Immediately!  The baby in her is getting less and less, and the little girl is getting more and more.  And HER, I shall continue referring to as little! She is so petite and cute and I just can’t get enough of her cuddles.  The way she asks for a kissy, and a hug and then she asks for our hands to touch, every time before we say good bye when she has to go to school.  Oh and the way she scrunches up her nose, it’s absolutely cuteness overload!FB_IMG_1490527721474

The one baby-thing I am very happy to get rid of is nappies.  Phew, she is getting this potty-training thing right and the end is in sight.  She basically only needs a night nappy at the moment.  But oh my, we’re still stuck on the dummy, it’s such a fight to get rid of the darn thing, she adores it – but I said she can have it until her birthday and then it must go.  I’m happy for her to use her cuddle-blankey for as long as she needs though, I won’t put a time limit to that.

She adores our cat, Snow and still wants to carry him around like a doll. Talking about dolls, she took an interest in her dolls too. She always loved her Lettie (Christmas present), but she started playing with her other dolls too, yesterday pushing one around in a pram. Other things she loves doing is watching Peppa Pig, she is still a huge Princess Sofia fan and now recently took an interest in Barbie movies too.

DSC_3871But that being said, my babygirl isn’t necessarily a girly-girl, oh no she is at times quite the tomboy. How can she not be when she is growing up with a big brother she loves kicking ball with, follow in his footsteps and climb high and jump… She is also an avid Spiderman fan. Last weekend I took the kids to buy new pajamas, Jamie chose Spiderman and I showed the Little Miss beautiful Princess Sofia pj’s I knew she would love, but no… we had to buy the same as her Big Brother. Priceless…

This little girl really adds a lot of sparkle to our lives. She is pure star-shine.  IMG-20170320-WA0006




2 thoughts on “The little girl who holds my heart

  1. I had the honour of patting this little Princess on the head yesterday 🙂
    OMG I LOVE PEPPA PIG! Liam not so much anymore so I don’t get much chance to watch it.
    Perhaps say that the tooth fairies need her dummy?
    Spiderman, Spidergirl. Is there a Spidergirl? It’s all quite sexist.
    Stunning pics of gorgeous kids.

    • I also enjoy a episode of Peppa! Just love how Shae giggles at them when they fall down laughing.
      Urgh, I’ve tried persuading her about the fairies needing her dummy, even my sister’s baby, but she wants to know nothing. So I’m trying to prepare her for her birthday, that when it’s her birthday, she’s a big girl and 3-year old big girls won’t need the dummies. Someone said to put something bitter on like aloe, but that would be a last resort.
      No Spidergirl, but I do call Shae Spidergirl when she has her pj’s on now and she loves that!
      Thanks so much! Hope you have a great day xx

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