My Little Champion

I should really stop using the word “little” when describing my almost 7-year old…  whoops.  Anyway.  My BIG boy made me so proud these past couple of months.  He participated in the Ocean Racing Series since October.  The Ocean Racing Series has various swimming events, as well as running and even walking every second Sunday morning down by Hobie Beach.  They also have a 1km beach run for the kids under 12.

I was amazed how Jamie flourished participating in it.  All the children receives a medal at the end of their race, and then a second medal if they achieve 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in their age category.  The pride on my boy’s face every time he received a medal was amazing to see.  We soon realised that running is definitely a strong point for Jamie and out of the 10 races for the season, Jamie achieved first place 7 times.  His fastest time was 4 minutes and 17 seconds – that’s a really fast time running a whole kilometer!

Yesterday was Jamie’s last race for the season and he was awarded with first place overall in the series.  He was so chuffed with his trophy, prize and special medal.  This mom’s heart swelled enormously big with pride!

Fly high, my boy!

Photo cred with huge thanks to: One Two Tree Photography



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