Meet Jon Snow

Our little family welcomed a new little soul to our household last weekend – a cute, tiny 7-week old rescue kitten, adopted from Cat Rescue PE.

It’s been almost 2 years since a piece of my heart, Jade passed away. And I couldn’t get myself so far to adopt another cat, until now.  Granted the first day with the kitten in the house was a bit sad as it made me think of Jade so much and make me miss him even more.  I realised though that there is room for every single one of them in my heart, as Snow quickly snuggled his way into it.

At this stage Shae thinks Snow is a dolly and carries him around like one; and Jamie is a bit skittish of the teeny tiny 600 gram kitten’s sharp nails and his love for biting toes but he likes stroking Snow’s soft fur when he’s in my arms.

Welcome, little one ❤




11 thoughts on “Meet Jon Snow

      • I know right. I packed Bungys bowls away in the “pet cupboard” and I want to cry whenever I see them. I miss him so much. And then I decided I would give new rescue pup, Jemima, one of his bowls and I am so upset that she chewed it up. I had that bowl for 15 years! How dare she !
        I will have to come around and fuss your cat, hehe.
        I love going to fuss all the cats at Save a Pet. Yoh, but I thought we got dirty with all those dogs but you should see the hair all over us after visiting the cats.

    • I know how you feel, I also couldn’t bare using Jade’s old bowls for the new kitty… so for now he is using Shae’s old porridge bowls until I get to the shops to buy his own, forgot about bowls when I went out to buy toys, food, litter tray etc.
      You are so welcome to come and cuddle Snow 🙂
      PS. Jamie came home last night exclaiming “Mom, I know who Liam Alberts is now!” and he went on about Liam’s “cake pops” cereal that is pink… I have no clue, thought he meant coco pops rather, but he insists it’s cake pops. lol

      • Hmmm, I have no idea what the cake pops are and I didn’t pack in anything pink. There are a few Liam’s at aftercare, that much I know. Maybe Jamie has the wrong one. Ag, they will bump into each other one day. Saw them in the sand pit the other day, next to each other, not playing together tho

      • Haha no he specifically said the teacher referred to him as Liam Alberts, and described him, saying he is very tall and have white hair. But definitely huge confusion with the “whatever he thinks is called cake pops”. He had me baffled with it last night, because I made cake pops just last year for Shae’s bakersman and he insists it’s not that and that it’s a type of cereal.

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