The end of Pre Primary

Last year Jamie started Grade 0 at Pre Primary. He started out shy and uncertain, but eventually got excited about the new adventure.  As the year progressed it got harder, he had extreme problems with his sensory issues and that meant trouble at school.  He was misunderstood and blamed for everything that went wrong, it crushed him and we ended the year with a boy that had no self confidence who didn’t believe in himself at all.

But there was an angel in the background, who bonded with him even in Grade 0.  Aunty Ilse, his Grade R teacher.  She knew how to handle him with just-just the right amount of discipline and love. When she speaks, Jamie listens.  And she was often called last year when no one else was able to handle Jamie.  You can imagine Jamie’s adoration for her; and the prospect of him being in her class this year for Grade R made him excited.

Grade R with Ilse didn’t disappoint.  She was everything our little dude needed, she understood him, showered him with love and hugs and taught him so much.  She believed in him and in doing so we have a boy who now believes in himself, who grew more confident in everything and is on top of the world – right where he should be.  I’m incredibly thankful for her and yes, I cried when I typed her a thank you message this morning telling her what she meant to us.  What a special person ❤

How my boy grew in 2 years – physically, emotionally and so much more. My little sponge ❤

He also brought home a wonderful report – it is clear that maths is a strong point for him as he only got 6’s and 7’s on the different aspects they were evaluated.  The rest of his report also strong.  A total of 12x 7’s, 25x 6’s, 9x 5’s and 11x 4’s.  Proud mommy!

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5 thoughts on “The end of Pre Primary

  1. So glad you found such a great teacher for him, you wish you could take her to every year of schooling. You get aome amazing teachers and others who just wants to shove the herd through the year. Well done Jamie and well done Mom and Dad, you did a great job and even though we might not understand, we know that thia could not always have been easy for you too. Big hugs to you all xx

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Natasha. It’s been really tough, but when I look at where we are vs where we were, I can only be thankful for the progress. BIIIIIIGGGGG hugs to you too xxx

  2. Aunty Ilse is truly a gem. You can see just by looking at her that she is such a gentle soul. Liam was in Grade 1 with her son this year 😉
    Fabulous scores Jamie, really wonderful, considering all you have been through this year. I really hope that next years teachers will handle him the way that he deserves. Crossing fingers he gets Liam’s teacher, she was lovely.

  3. It is so important to have a teacher who can understand your child. I am also sad to say goodbye to 00 and hello to 0.
    Jamie sounds like he is doing so well. Well done to Mom for being there for him.

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