Shae, an overdue update on my girly


Oh God was just showing off when He made her!  Our beautiful, blue-eyed princess!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote an update on Shae.  She is growing up so fast.  Her vocabulary has exploded and she talks so much more.  I want to eat her up when she says a couple of things – when I ask her something and the answer is yes, she’ll say “yip”, the way she says okay, or rather “oh kayyy” in a sing-songy voice and when she says love you “waf you” my heart just melts.

She is a very headstrong little girl and when she has her mind set on something, it’s not an easy task to convince her otherwise.  For instance she loves drinking milky tea, but now when she asks for tea, she specifies if she wants milk in her tea or not – sometimes she wants milk and other times she prefers it black.  She loves Black Cat Peanut butter, and don’t you dare give her Yum Yum.  And she’s such a little chocoholic, just like her mom.  She will ask for “choccie” and I will give her a block, but then she’ll ask for a block for Jamie too, but she’ll refuse to give it to him and gulp it all up herself.  Clever lass!

Shae sings a lot, she already knows the words to so many songs, especially Lollos and Barney songs.  She will sing, then mumble part of the song she doesn’t know so well, but the parts she knows really well is sung with incredible enthusiasm. So cute.

She is so wild at times and plays with such vigor when outside.  My heart just can’t handle watching her on a jungle gym.

Her relationship with her big bro is up and down at the moment. She adores him, but she can’t handle it if he is very active and overbearing like he usually is.  He just want’s to shower her with love and affection, but it seems where Jamie is a Seeker, Shae is a bit of an Avoider, or perhaps only a Seeker on her terms.  She’ll decide when she wants to hug, who she wants to be with and so on.  Which is great… just not as great for a thriving sibling relationship at the moment.

She’s been sick again, so never a dull moment with regards to that – luckily her ears have been perfectly fine and the grommets are doing their job.

Phew, she is keeping us busy and on our toes, that’s for sure, but I’m thankful for this little super star in our lives – she adds a lot of sparkle!






8 thoughts on “Shae, an overdue update on my girly

  1. Aw man, she is soooo oulik Debs, thanks for letting us have a peek 🙂 Love her shirt by the way.
    Sorry to hear she has been ill. I hope she is on the mend. This up/down weather plays havoc with the sinus sufferes. Liam and DH both having a hard time. Thank goodness for the grommets hey

    • Thank you 🙂 She really is a little beaut ❤
      My gosh, yes, this weather is crazy – I see heat tomorrow and then cold again. Good luck to all with the sinus… both Jamie and Shae is suffering at the moment, and I started too. xx

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