A new diagnosis…

Right, after yesterday’s post (and thank you so much to those who have reached out to me – you are so awesome) I think we are on the right path to get the help Jamie needs.

Straight of the bat this doctor looked at Jamie, listened to us, made us feel comfortable, appeared sincere and caring and made us feel like he was helping us.  He was the 5th person we told our story to and he took the conversation over and instead of us telling him what we experience with Jamie, he told us and we just nodded along and said “yes, yes, yes, this is so Jamie, yes”.

He told us that there is nothing wrong with Jamie, he is a healthy, highly intelligent boy (which we knew anyway, but he believed it too).  Then he went on and basically confirmed what I all along suspected – Jamie is on the spectrum.  He has highly functional Autism / Asbergers Syndrome.

(Here’s a list of symptoms to familiarize yourself if you are interested – link)

The defiance, ADHD, impulsiveness is all symptoms of it and that’s why treating ADHD didn’t work, the psychiatrist went about it the wrong way medicating him with Methylphenidate. That’s why things has gotten worse since we started looking for help, because we didn’t get the help we needed.  According to this doc he needs CARING not CURING.

The doctor actually gave me a fist bump when I told him “thank you, that’s what I believed, but nobody wanted to listen to me” and immediately forwarded me articles on a study about parents search for a timely diagnosis and their frustrations.

I’m extremely thankful to say we are on the right path now. It’s still not going to be easy, but I know that at last we have the support from someone in the medical profession with a plan of action.

Being autistic is nothing to be ashamed of, it just means you see and experience the world in a different way. Albert Einstein, Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, Bill Gates and so many other absolutely brilliant people were all on the spectrum apparently and intelligence levels are usually very high for these kids.  An autistic child is different, not less.

Our boy’s going to be alright.




10 thoughts on “A new diagnosis…

  1. You are so right, nothing to be ashamed about at all. At least you know now and have the support you need. Many paths to choose and sometimes you just need someone to point you on the right path. Sorry it took you 5 visits to find someone who can actually help.
    *fist bump*

  2. Hallo my dear fellow special needs mom. It is wonderful when you find the doctor that puts that puzzle together. Of course all those things (including ADHD) forms part of the same spectrum and how each kid fits in there is unique. Although our L also has a very high functioning autism diagnosis, his main issue is the ADHD – and so they all differ. I am so glad you found the help you need. Onwards!

    • Thank you ❤ I'm still figuring all this out, we received so much reading material, but I have a better idea behind it all now. I understand so much more now, especially the struggle on the playground and on the social front. I suspected it all along, but now we know for sure. Incredibly thankful for all the support we received. Hugs xx

  3. Yay – great. At least you have a diagnosis and now know what to do. Your boy is very special indeed and fortunate to have such loving caring parents 🙂

  4. Ah Debs, I keep reading your blog posts on email and then mean to come and comment on your blog straight away and then time just runs away with me.
    I’m so glad this new doc is so understanding and has given you peace of mind. CARING not CURING, I love that. And the fist bump, I love that.

    The other day I was chatting to a wise lady, who said that babies choose their parents, souls choose which souls they want to belong to… This resonated with me, and this makes me think of you too, because I can’t tell you how many times I have thought how lucky Jamie is to have you as his mom. ♥

    Baie sterkte met hierdie pad vorentoe, Dankie dat jy dit als hier deel, ek dink dis belangrik dat jy dit so neersit “op papier” – vir jouself, vir die ondersteuning, en ek sien uit daarna dat jy die journey met ons deel.

    Jy is een amazing vrou, en een amazing mamma!


    • Dis die mooiste woorde, baie dankie Jess! Love what you said about souls choosing souls, very cool to think of it that way. I’m lucky with the two beautiful souls that chose me!
      Mwah xxx

  5. So glad you have a starting place now. I did teach an Asberger’s kid before and he just loved dinosaurs. Actually very polite kid who would wait till I wasn’t busy before asking for help. Very considerate. They have lots of strengths but I think this diagnosis will give you more understanding.

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