Jamie & Shae … July 2016

I am ashamed when I think back how regularly I updated in Jamie’s baby and toddler days, but how little time I get to write about my Shae-Shae’s development. Better late (and irregular) than never! So here we go with an update on my two favourites:


(Little) Ladies first.  Shae is having a roaring time with the Terrible Twos :p  She is cute as a button and talks a lot more, starting to string words together to make sentences.  Her hair has grown so long and she is an absolute beaut with her blue eyes and sweet personality. She wins people over as far as she goes.

She moved on to the 2 to 3 Year Old Class at school, so she has a brand new teacher, but she handled the change over well.  She also started potty training at school and she is doing so well there with it (not at home though, but we have not started the process in all earnest yet).  The principal of the school Whatsapp’d me the other day that when she came in the morning Shae came over to give her a good morning-hug and then her little boy who is in the same class got so jealous, so Shae enveloped both principal and her son in a big hug. So sweet.

We moved Shae into her “big girl bed”last month and it’s another change that she adapted to so well.  Her daddy made the safety rail and she looks so cute in her big Tinkerbell bed.

One of these days we’re going to crack a big bottle of champers to celebrate the end of teething as Shae is busy cutting her last 4 molars!  I can’t believe how quickly Shae went from baby to the little girl she is now.

Oh my gosh, as cute and as sweet Shae is, how impossible she can be too.  Tantrum upon tantrum upon tantrum and it does not stop. She will cry herself hoarse if she does not get what she wants. She throws herself to the ground, screams very loudly, then cries, stamps her feet and repeat the process making it very clear that she is not happy.  Shopping with her is impossible at the moment.  I took a little video the other day and posted it on my Instagram account if anybody wants a little taste of what we endure.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BGmXDAIRIAQ/?taken-by=debraaukett&hl=en

It’s a good thing she’s cute, because I now understand why some animals eat their young. Just kidding…
Or maybe not :p But she wins me over again in a heart beat when she comes in for a “huggy” as she calls it.


Jamie-Jame is turning SIX next Thursday.  A full six.  So party planning is in full swing in this house – since it’s sort of a big birthday we have invited all his class mates for a Ninja Turtles party. I’m busy at the moment cutting TMNT masks out of fleece for the little ones and making fondant figures for the birthday cake.  The dude is so excited and can barely contain himself!

I’m such a proud mommy. Jamie got his report just before the school holidays and he did so well with plenty of 7’s and 6’s, and also 5’s and the lowest 4’s.  His teacher is truly a gem, I can’t begin to describe how much Jamie advanced this year and how much general knowledge he picked up. She even taught them about tsunamis the other day and Jamie is very inquisitive about the things he learns, always asking me further questions, and also asking about meanings of certain words and such. A very bright boy.

Speaking of school, after a stressful waiting period beginning June, Jamie was at last accepted in to our first choice school for Grade 1.  Thank heavens!  We also applied for after care at a nice institution (thanks again Helen for your help and advise!) and we’re just waiting and hoping we’re accepted there as well.  We are going to attend an open day at the primary school in September.

June was a big and busy month, we also had Jamie’s assessment at the psychiatrist I blogged about earlier this year. So besides the SPD Jamie has, another few letters can be added to his diagnosis – ADHD and a little ODD because of it. Fun times… not.  I must admit it was an emotional process for me, but what added to it most was people’s opinions. I am thankful for all the professionals helping and guiding us through this and I must say with Jamie’s teacher, his fabulous OT, play therapist and now the psychiatrist we have the best team to guide our little boy through a very taxing period.

Jamie scared us about two weeks ago when he got a high fever and were so sick that he slept a lot for a couple of days and were so lethargic.  He never gets that sick and when he’s usually sick he still plays and rarely sleeps or stay still for long periods of time.  We had him at the doctor twice – the Monday and then again the Friday because he was just not getting any better and I was fearing Meningitis as he had a lot of the symptoms. Apparently it was proper flu, thank goodness he is well again!


Other happy news – I became an Aunty again!  My little sis had her baby Le Roux 3 weeks ago and we’re the proud godparents.  He is a real cutie and I can’t wait to meet him 🙂


9 thoughts on “Jamie & Shae … July 2016

  1. LOL at the tantrum. Oh dear, that’s so funny. For me on the other side. My mum always recounts the story of me having a tantrum in the shops and she just left my screaming on the floor and walked away. They say if they have no audience it will stop, but I don’t know. I do anything to try to stop it.
    I’m still so glad you guys got into “our school”. Please feel free to name drop at the aftercare. Liam is loving the holiday care. Me, no so much. He comes home absolutely filthy. But a dirty kid is a happy kid.
    Congrats on Jamies report. It is really amazing what the right staff can do for a kid hey. I know it’s tough, but you’ll get a handle on it. You are fab parents, just know that, and screw (pardon me) what anyone else says.
    Good luck with the party.

    • Oh this little miss will follow you with her tantrum if you leave the room, she will walk after you and continue her tantrum where ever you are… haha!
      Aww thanks my friend, they said they can say 99% we’ll have no problem to get accepted, but still a bit nervous, because we didn’t make alternative plans if we don’t. So glad Liam is happy there.
      Thanks for all your support and kind words xx

  2. Well at least you did he update. She sounds like a healthy and happy two year old.
    Tantrums…they happen. Not much more to do because they do eventually grow out of it, when she is able to speak and communicate better.
    Glad to hear Jamie is well. You are a great Mom. We all feel like you do. The day speech therapist told us that HB was a year behind I cried and it is really just nothing. You feel like it is your fault and that you should have been better and now what. You are getting him the help he needs, and you are a great Mom.

    • So very true, she’ll grow out of it eventually… it’s such a hard stage when they can’t convey what they want to say properly yet.
      Thank you for the kind words, us moms are sometimes just to hard on ourselves. You are a fab mom too, MC! x

  3. Great update = Shae sounds just like a two year old should be – and the tantrums too shall pass. Give me a shout if you need advice or a shoulder to cry on – our L is about the same combo diagnosis with a touch of autism in stead of the SPD – but they are all pretty close int he spectrum

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