My dearest Shae on your 2nd birthday

My lovely, petite & sassy little Princess

I should really not call you a princess anymore, because you, my little love has the attitude of a queen, and the grace too.

Shae, you are as beautiful. You are most precious. You are special beyond comprehension. You are a twinkling star, catching the attention as far as you go, because you are as bright as can be.  You enchant.

You certainly have me, your daddy and big brother in the palm of your hand. Last night Jamie made you a birthday card, drawing lots of hears and kisses, because in his words you are a brilliant little sister. He says it does not even matter that you pulled his hair. He really loves you a whole lot.

The love your daddy and I have for you is enormous as well.  You are the little girl we dreamed of. You truly are a dream come true for us and as I said a thousand times before, you came to complete our little family – the cherry on top.

Happy 2nd birthday, Shae-Shae, and may there be many more. May your star continue to shine, even brighter…if that is even possible.  May your pathway be bestowed with flowers, love and joy. Thank you, my precious girly, for being you, for being mine, for your love.

Love you forever and always, much more than you can imagine

PicMonkey Collage1.jpg


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