Catch-up & Mother’s Day 2016

It’s Shae-Shae’s birthday month!  My little girl is turning 2 in less than 3 weeks, so we are in full party planning mode.  She is going to have a Rainbow party and I am having so much fun with the theme. Shae is really growing up fast now, she is getting so tall and she is repeating words left, right and center.  She is a little charmer and has everyone firmly wrapped around her little pinky, especially her Oupa. She developed an amazing bond with him in particular and whenever we drive somewhere she will ask if we’re going to her beloved Oupa. She is very clever with the way she figures things out… it’s true what the paed said – she’s got beauty and brains :p

Talking about birthdays, we’re not too far off from a certain blue-eyed boy’s 6th birthday either.  Jamie’s order is in for a Ninja Turtles birthday.  He got such a fabulous report after the first term, with mostly scores of sixes.  He is also very eager to loose another tooth, possibly because of the pending tooth fairy visit haha! So he has been wriggling his tooth, which also has another shark tooth growing out behind.  Jamie is talking my ears off my head these days, oh the stories he tells!  He makes me laugh so hard sometimes with his stories and how fast he’s telling them.  He is going through a period where he gets scared of sleeping in his own room and he keeps us up at night… really hope this period passes quickly. Have tried a night light, monster spray, a reward chart and a mattress in our room already and nothing works. Never a dull moment, hey!

Otherwise our household is busy as ever… hubby is having an extremely busy period at work and as a bonus he still has to move offices too.  Work is keeping me busy too, plus I took up running since December (I write mostly on my fitness blog about this), but I have to mention that I earned my first medal this weekend 🙂 even if it was just for the Spar Women’s race.

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day. Shae made me the most precious hand print flower pot and poem with her finger prints in coloured paint. Jamie gave me a painted sun with “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” printed on the back, “love bubbles” which I still don’t know what to do with and the most awesome key ring which has his fingerprints in a shape of a heart on.  Hubby surprised me with a lovely voucher at Jewels & Lace and croissants with Nutella for breakfast 🙂


I am a very lucky and blessed mommy to have such gorgeous, kind-hearted children.  Yes, I am a tired, overworked mom, but my job as their mom is a rewarding one. They are responsible for so many smiles on my face and makes my life whole and perfect. I would not trade them for all the peace, money or sleep in the world.




12 thoughts on “Catch-up & Mother’s Day 2016

  1. Lovely pics of you all. You look fab. Must be the running. I wonder…………nah, I simply cannot run, hehe. Congrats on the medal. We saw a lot of the runners at the Valley Market on Saturday morning. Nothing like a disgusting pie/cake after a run hey, hehe
    Stick the love bubbles in a glass container and stick a seedling in there. It can be a science experiment for Jamie also as he can see the roots grow. Just a thought.
    Liam also went through a stage of being afraid of the dark. He had never been before. It turns out they were watching something at school, this was last year, and their teacher was trying to reassure them but it did more harm than good. Liam is nearly 7 and I still have to lie in his bed until he falls asleep. We all have our ways of getting the same job done.
    Can’t wait to see your Ninja Turtle party. You always do a fab job. You could become a party planner
    Hugs Debs, see you round

    • Haha, I did not make it to the Valley Market, but did smash my face into a mountain of carbs :p
      Aww thanks for the compliment, Helen! The running is doing me good, also never thought I would run.
      Great idea with the bubble thingies, thanks, I will give it a go.
      We also lie with Jamie until he falls asleep, I lie with Jamie and hubby with Shae… I’m sure at least we won’t have to do it in their teens still, haha can you imagine!
      Hugs to you too, Helen! xx

  2. Lovely pictures, you are a beautiful family.
    Good on you for running, wish I did not wind up hurting my joints everytime. I gave up.
    The dark may just be a phase. I strung up Christmas lights in HB’s room and it seemed to do the trick. I would just leave it and let him deal with it in his own time. Winter is coming up and a few extra bodies can fit together.

    • Thanks so much, MC!
      After only doing weight training for so long, I never thought I will run… urgh but the niggles are there too, I have a busted ankle…
      Christmas lights are a fab idea! Do you think I can leave them on the whole night? xx

      • LOL, have to comments on the lights. my Nan used to leave her Xmas lights on for days at a time. Very forgetful in her old age.

      • I leave them on all night and they seem to be fine. These are the LED ones and they do not really get hot. They are not against any fabric or curtains or anything like that. Also, I used a hook in the ceiling so we could drape it above the bed. Those tiny little cup hooks you can just screw by hand, they leave a very tiny little mark when you take it out.

  3. Ah such a nice catch-up post. Awesome piccies of you guys, you’re all absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the rainbow party theme idea, and the ninja turtles for Jamie too! Enjoy the party planning!

  4. Nice catch up post and yeah for a great Mothersday and the running. Glad to hear they are both doing well. The monster spray did the job for us. Also find out if there is not movie that is scaring him. C was petrified of Charlie and the chocolate factory when he was smaller

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