Easter 2016

You would think with Easter over and done with a week and a half ago already no thoughts would be spared for Easter… easier said than done when your home is still filled with Easter eggs. And yes, Chocoholic Mom got some of the marked down Easter eggs from the shops too. R24 for a box of Beacon marshmallow eggs was a nice bargain to pick up 😉

Anyway, better late than never, herewith my Easter post for the year.  It actually was not the weekend I wanted it to be, because the Thursday before Good Friday I got ill with a virus that kept me sick for 8 days… it was awful and I was in much pain most of the time.

The kids had their Easter Egg Hunt as per our tradition though and they had much fun.  Dad took them to the park again this year so that the (sick) Easter Bunny could do her job.  Much delight when they came back and they saw their baskets and they could start their hunt.  It was the first Easter Shae could do her own running around to gather her treats.

Besides that had a kuier with my brother who was in town; and the rest of the time we just chilled at home… nothing exciting, but nice home/quality time with the kids.




2 thoughts on “Easter 2016

  1. Ag no man, sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I hope you are on the mend now ??
    I like the way Shae is checking out Jamie’s basket, hehe
    Nice pics of the cute kiddies

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