New Milestone for Jamie!

As reported in my last post Jamie got a shark tooth (permanent tooth without losing his milk tooth) and we have been encouraging him to wiggle the milk tooth. We also told him about the tooth fairy and he grew really excited about the prospect of her visit and the money that will be left in return for his shoe.  My boy loves money, and he loves spending it too, so he started wiggling that tooth like crazy!

On the 22nd of March he showed me that the tooth was very lose, and on the 23rd even more so, just hanging by a thread and he asked me to pull it, but chickened out which I was glad about because I actually wanted him to pull it himself.  Later the day, he played outside with a rope he got from his granddad, pretending it was a lasso and he then ran in to tell me his tooth is out. Apparently at some stage he had the rope in between his teeth (don’t ask haha) and when he took it out or pulled on it the tooth came out along with it.

So there we were high five’ing, celebrating and he was so chuffed, especially when I told him how proud I was of him.  I thought my SPD’er would freak out with the bleeding, but I guess he was on such a high it did not bother him half as much as I thought it would.  He also immediately had to Skype call his dad who was at work to tell him and show him.

That night he left his tooth underneath the pillow and woke up to 2x R10 notes in a special tooth fairy envelope (which was spent on his favourite Choc ‘O cookies) and a certificate awarded to him for his first sparkling white tooth.,

I said it so much, but have to say it again… my boy is growing up, and way too fast at it!

IMG_20160404_090853By the way, what do you do with those pearly whites after the “tooth fairy” claimed it?  Was thinking of just chucking it and then started feeling bad and a tiny bit sentimental, thinking about the pain and suffering when my 3-month old started cutting that very same tooth…

Confession time… so I started rummaging through my drawers for an envelope to put the tooth in until I decide what to do with it, and I had the teeny tiny milk tooth pinched between my thumb and forefinger, and then we I had the envelope I realised the tooth was gone! I have lost it in my search for the envelope… too funny! So I have a tooth somewhere in a drawer. I searched for it, but could not find it – you would be surprised how small those toothies are!  Hope Jamie does not find it first, it’s going to be a tough one to explain :p DSC_0404


8 thoughts on “New Milestone for Jamie!

  1. Go Jamie! I love the certificate. Very inventive.
    I get so freaked out when Liam shows me how he wiggles a lose tooth with his tongue, blegh, gross.
    I have Liam’s teeth in individual bank baggies with the date that they fell out written on it. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them though. Have you seen some people actually have jewelry made out of them? That’s just a bit gross. I’ll probably end up chucking them. I had the last one in my jewelry box and Liam found it. He decided that it could go in the tooth fairy baggie again and that she would leave him more money. I told him that she had already left him money for that tooth but that she had asked me to keep it until next time as she had no room in her tooth bag to take it that night. Liams tooth fairy makes an awful mess, leaving pixie dust (cake decoration) all over his room and toys.

    • Ah wow, great idea to leave pixie dust! Will have to do that next time 🙂
      Eeek tooth jewelery does not sound like something I would want to wear.
      You are brilliant with your idea of the tooth fairy not having enough space in her bag, I’m keeping that on standby xx

  2. oh my word too funny that you lost it. comment by halberts2014 about not having room in her bag is brilliant.
    wow what a brave boy. thank goodness he was on such a high that he didn’t freek out. well done mommy on guiding him to that proud moment.

  3. Exciting times, they do just shoot up. I remember our teeth used to get buried in the ground and a plant planted over it. There were many kids and we has a huge garden so it worked. I still have multiple locks of hair in my bedside drawer. I cried the first time and the second and third and fourth time I cut HB’s hair.

  4. Well done! My SPD kid is actually the one that pulled his own teeth the easiest of them all. I guess because his pain threshold is so high. I kept one each and just chuck the others away

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