Little baby, little girl

My fairy girl-princess-honey bunch-cutie pie is 20 months old already and an update about her is definitely overdue.

IMG-20160203-WA0007This child drops my jaw to the floor on such a regular basis. She is incredible. She is such a happy girl – laughing and smiling from when she opens her eyes in the morning until she goes to sleep at night. She is helpful and already does simple tasks like putting her nappies in the nappy bin on request, throwing junk in the bin, she takes her own bowls to the sink when she’s finished with it etc.

She still does a whole lot of  baby-talk, but I can hear a lot of new words coming through. Her favourites are “bye julle”, na-na, her word for sweets, mamma, and I love how she calls herself Shae-Shae.  Oh she likes saying baba too, she adores other babies and points them out when she sees them.


We moved her over to a new daycare the beginning of the year and it’s going extremely well.  I love the vibe at the place, lots of happy kiddies, the teachers are amazing and I love that they keep you up to date by sending Whatsapp messages and run an updated Facebook page.  By the way, all the photos published in this post is all pictures I have received from the owner of the daycare.

PicMonkey Collage

The past month was rotten with regards to health. Shae had a terrible ear infection that took 2 antibiotic courses to clear up. She also had the tummy bug earlier this week.  She also cut her two top canines. So lots of bad nights again.IMG-20160204-WA0006

My baby grew up. After 20 months of breastfeeding, she decided on her own that it’s time to stop mommy’s milk. I am blessed that we had a great breastfeeding journey. With Jamie it was not so easy as we had latching trouble and I gave up after 9 months.  This time around everything went perfect, she latched like a champ from the beginning and it was smooth sailing all the way. No soreness ever, no trouble. I am happy that it was not necessary to wean her, that she did this all by herself so it was not traumatic at all.  Perhaps just a bit of heart soreness for me, it means that my time being a baby-mommy is over… soon it will be time to start planning a birthday party for a little princess.



5 thoughts on “Little baby, little girl

  1. Oh Debs, she looks just like you, but at the same time I can see a bit of Jamie who looks like his dad. Strange how the kids look like different people depending on their expressions.
    Ouchie with the ear infection. Not nice.
    Cool with the new daycare updating you. I must say, this is what I miss with big school. With Grade R I could pop the principal an sms and she would send me pics of what Liam was up to. I suppose in a class of 30 kids it’s not really possible to keep in touch with all the parents.
    Wow, you breastfed for a loooooong time. I remember the last time Liam took the breast. It broke my heart 😦
    Have a lekker day…………

    • Thank you Helen! My mom and sis say that Shae looks exactly like I did when I was her age, but I see so many other people in her – true what you say about the different expressions.
      Oh boy, I can think you miss the updates, I do too with Jamie… all I have to look forward to is the report at the end of the term I guess.
      Have a great weekend! Hugs to you and gorgeous Liam xx

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