2015 Year-End Video with Jamie, featuring Shae

I started filming year-end videos with the kids last year. Their opinions and thoughts change so rapidly, it’s a nice way to keep track of this all.  This is the end of 2014 video and so much has changed already – Shae turned into a stunning little girl and Jamie is growing into a handsome big boy.

Jamie did not wasn’t as talkative or cooperative this time – he wanted to go ride his bike, or moaned about a program he wanted to watch on tv so he gave me a lot of lip, but it was apparent that he adores his bike, Speedy, loves watching Cbeebie programs and that he is a real moody 5-year old in comparison to 4! Shae’s hair grew a lot in the past year and her facial features has changed from baby to little angel-pie girl (and that she burps like a piggy hehe).

Oh how much can change in a SHORT year!


13 thoughts on “2015 Year-End Video with Jamie, featuring Shae

  1. Sooooo fliippen cute – and for sure, glad you didn’t do a retake of this one, leave it just as it, it’s so perfect, just capturing Jamie and Shae ♥
    Some of these answers are too classic and precious!
    Love this idea of yours, regret not doing the same, such a cool thing to compare each year.
    Sweetheart children ♥

    • Oh so sorry MC!
      Yes you should, so nice to look back on. I upload all the vids to Youtube and hoping they’ll stay safe there, because never know what happens to pc, harddrives, storage devices and such…

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