Christmas Celebrations & Holiday Vibes

Before I do updates on Shae who is getting cuter and cuter each day and Jamie who started Grade R today, I think it’s best I take the time to quickly write about our lovely Christmas and busy-bee holiday, before those memories fade as we get busier with new year activities and the madness of it all.


On the first 2 days of our holiday hubby and I took some time out for ourselves while the kids went to daycare. Perhaps a bit selfish, but my gosh we needed it and I am glad we did. We went fishing at the beach, or rather hubby did while I soaked up the sun and enjoyed the calm of the day to unwind. The next day we went to the movies to see hubby’s beloved Star Wars and had brunch. We also completed our Christmas shopping for the kids.  We fetched them early to celebrate the holidays starting.

We had so much fun although we stayed home. We planned outings almost daily and visited different places, had beach days, spent time with family etc.

PicMonkey Collage

It was a bit overwhelming at times as the kids had to be kept busy at all times. Shae is a little busy bee now and wants to explore everything and lands herself in trouble easily so had to be watched like a hawk.  Jamie had severe sensory processing difficulties and he was even more of a handful than Shae.

I realize now I never blogged about our Christmas tree going up and Holly the Jolly Elf coming to visit again. She was a treat this year, came up with a lot of mischief in and around the house and although she 10weren’t successful in keeping Jamie in check, her presence were loved and appreciated by Jamie.
On the 23rd we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, can you believe. Nine years went by in a flash and we are blessed with a happy marriage and continued love (and passion teeeee-heee).

Christmas eve was spent with Johnathan’s side of the family and was a lovely evening with them. The children had a blast with opening their first round of pressies and both fell asleep on the way home, so mommy had to put Santa’s cookies and milk out (and eat and drink it too).  The next morning Jamie and Shae got to open their pressies from Santa, and from mom and dad too. Santa brought Jamie a bike and Shae got a doll with a pram and activity set. They were both spoilt rotten by everyone!

PicMonkey Collage2

29Then it was time for Christmas lunch with my side of the family and round 3 of opening up presents for the children. Was special time with family. Both kids fell asleep again upon return and we had a chillaxed day further.


The rest of the holidays unfortunately involved some work from home for me, but also a lot more outings and fun planned.  It was with much dread that I returned to work on Monday, but I am thankful for the time off and special memories!

Now on to a new year with new challenges and hopefully a lot of positive things happening in our lives!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Celebrations & Holiday Vibes

  1. I like stay at home holidays, it is more relaxed than having to be somewhere else, and you can have pj days if you need.
    Your kiddies are lovely.
    I would not feel guilty about taking two days to yourself, it is the only way.
    Congratulations on 9 years, that is a great love,and wishing you two a life time.

  2. Lovely pics of the fam. Sounds like you guys had a good holiday
    Saw Jamie and hubby at the barbers in Baywest over the holiday as DH was also there. I wanted to greet but knew they would have no idea who I was, hehe

    • Thanks Helen, it was 🙂
      Hehe I remember that day quite clearly – Shae and I went to Edgars while the boys went to the barbers. Pity I missed you
      Hope you are having a fab 2016 so far xx

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