Shae @ 17 Months

Our little girly is turning into a little bit of a diva!  She knows what she wants, when she wants it and she does not relent until she gets it.  She is petite @ 9.9 kg – she was weighed on Saturday when she received her very late 15 month vaccinations.  Maybe she is small, but she is oh so dynamic: little person = big personality. But I love it, I can already see that she’s going to go through life with determination.

She is a real little chatterbox although there is still a lot of baby talk I can’t understand. Her favourite word to use at the moment is “klaar” (Afrikaans for finished), and it’s so cute because she uses it while putting her hands in the air and shrugging, literally illustrating it.  She mixes up mama and pappa some times, I really don’t know why.

Shae is very active and always on the go, but she also settles down for some cuddles regularly, or just a hug or open-mouth-wet kissy. She loves playing, especially in the sand, and she likes climbing on a jungle gym and also the thrill of going down a slide.  Mommy’s tupperware cupboard is still a firm favourite.  She started to enjoy her Pewi-bike too.

She grew very attached to her caregiver at school. It’s great that I know she feels so loved when we have to work. Shae is moving to a new ‘school’ next year, so she is going to miss her “other momma” so much. Even if she stayed though she would have moved on to the next class, so we felt it’s better to move her to a school which has a bit more of a development programme.

Later this month she already turns one and a half – a real little girl now!  I can’t get over how beautiful she is.

Shae - 17 months


2 thoughts on “Shae @ 17 Months

  1. She really is a little darling. Still can’t get over all that hair!
    I recognise that sandpit 😉
    LOL @ mixing up Mamma and Pappa. Reminds me that the 3 year old across the road calls me Aunty Liam 🙂

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