Sensory Play: Fizzy Moonsand

I blogged previously about Jamie’s Sensory Processing Disorder and we are experiencing a particular tough week… I’m guessing because of my work trip last week. One of the things the O.T. mentioned is that Jamie likes and wants routine, and if we deviate from it (like now with me gone for 4 days) he does not handle it well and he has been acting out since this weekend.  So we have to sharpen up his Sensory Diet at home!

I had a long discussion with the O.T. this morning and she said they had a very positive session on Tuesday where Jamie played with goo and talked openly and freely without any silliness.  I am positive that with hard work we can bring this under control.  Another plus is he had his first hamburger this weekend – yes it was without garnish, just a patty and tomato sauce on a bun (Happy Meal), but that is beyond awesome after 5 years. He also had brown bread for the first time ever.  So I think slowly, but surely we are making progress.

With regards to the sensory diet – he has to do things like take out small objects out of a bowl of rice blindfolded, play with shaving foam – draw in it and take out figurines that has been hidden in it, play with play dough etc.  It helps him with his tactile issues.

This is one of the activities I did with Jamie which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I made moonsand, but instead of just flour I added half a cup of bicarb to 1 cup of flour.  I added sprinkles (for an interesting look and feel) and also some green gel food colour with oil to it and mixed well.  Although you did not see the food colour initially, it made a difference later on 🙂

At first I let Jamie play with the moonsand.  He did not want to get stuck in it initially, but he eventually started playing with it, but got bored very quickly.  Then it was time for the vinegar, so I let him use a little dropper initially to add it to the moonsand, but the effect was underwhelming and he rather wanted to use a teaspoon. The moonsand started fizzing and he was amazed by it.  Now the green colour came through!  He was starting to get excited and added more vinegar bit by bit and he love watching it bubble, fizz and “grow”. Eventually the whole container was a bubbling mess upon which he took his toys for a swim in the swamp.

He really liked this messy play experiment of ours.  The mixture is sitting in the fridge now, because he wants to see what happens with it when placed in the fridge. I told him that the reaction is finished and that nothing will happen, but I guess he wants to see and learn for himself 🙂

UPDATE ON THE ABOVE: Jamie just took it out of the fridge and it looks like it has a goo-like consistency after the fizzing stopped and he played with it again.  Cool, one batch of moonsand – three different activities!

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2

(PS. I had a terribly busy two weeks and am way behind on reading and commenting on blogs – Helen, Mamacat, Jess and everyone, I will soon start catching up again xx)


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