All about Shae

Little Miss Shae is waiting for no one and growing up by the speed of light. She is 16 Months old already! She might be little, but her personality is enormous!   Our petite girly fears nothing and is already taking on the world by storm.

Aww she is so gorgeous, I still can’t stop looking at her in amazement.  Her blonde curls, big blue eyes, long lashes, rosy cheeks, satin skin, porcelain-doll-like features… She is just so perfect.  Pity she does not like sitting still, so I don’t get to take a lot of photos of her with my camera, only some snap shots with my phone! Somehow my camera is too slow for her and I end up with loads of blurry shots.

PicMonkey CollageShe is running around and keeping us all on our toes, because she already loves climbing and she has an adventurous streak in her.  She loves playing on the jungle gym and going down the slide, even running around on the trampoline.  She started using the Pewi bike she got for her birthday, and sometimes her Pooh Bear ride-on, although she does not enjoy riding bike like her brother used to when he was that age. She enjoys her building blocks, but only for a while.

She does not talk a whole lot yet, but she sings and that is so cute. There are a few lyrics she loves humming along too like the infamous “Let it Go” and Sia’s “Chandelier” and a couple of others. She adores Lollos and Wiggles so much, and Barney to a certain extent too.

Teething, oh teething woes. For someone that started teething so late, she made up for lost time really fast and all 4 molars are through. I think she is already starting to cut her top eye teeth, although the bottom lateral incisors still needs to come through.

PicMonkey Collage

She got sick again, we all have. I just hope this is the last of it for the year. I’m really finished. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know how we (both hubby and I) are still functional with the lack of sleep and worry. My immune system is way down and I’m already 9 days into being sick myself.


The relationship between brother and sister is also blossoming. Look Jamie adored Shae since we found out I was pregnant, but the feeling was not always mutual, simply because Jamie sometimes gets a bit overbearing with Shae when she just wants to be left alone. Things are a bit better now, because Jamie understands Shae a bit more and she also tolerates a bit more. I love how she goes looking for Jamie when he is in his room calling “Brother”, or rather “bwada” which sounds a bit like bother which is ironic haha. He makes her giggle so hard some times, and that makes a mommy’s heart oh so happy.

I love this little girl so much. She has added so much to all our lives. Thank you for being our little bright star, Shae-Shae – you are pure love.


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