Jamie’s fifth birthday bash

Jamie is turning *FIVE* tomorrow and we had his birthday party on Saturday.

Jamie 5 Invite

This year we had the party at Animals in Wonderland.  They are a breeding and educational sanctuary; so I know the money paid for the party will be put to good use. Plus they have amazing activities planned for the children. There is interaction with snakes, reptiles and a host of other animals, scavenger hunts etc. What I love about this venue is that they keep the children occupied themselves the whole time so the parents can relax and know their children are in good hands. Jamie was very excited about his party and we counted down the sleeps until Saturday.

Saturday came and unfortunately it was a grey, rainy day, but luckily the venue had a back up plan and shelter against the rain.  I made Jamie’s birthday cake again and he adored it.  This year we had a boys only party, mostly to keep numbers down as the venue is a tiny bit expensive for my pocket, and my little boy wanted to invite everybody, including all the girls in not only his class, but the Afrikaans class at his school too.


Instead of a scavenger hunt to get their treasures (bubbles and a frog toy) they had to pick a dare from a hat and perform it.  Jamie had to do a little dance to get his prize. The boys really enjoyed that.  After that we sang Happy birthday to Jamie and the kids had their goodie bags and ate their cupcakes.  Then it was time for some interaction with the snakes and other animals.  The rain eventually stopped and the boys ran around outside with their gumboots looking at all the animals, feeding the chickens and did the obstacle course.

Look, I was gutted that it rained, it meant we didn’t get to do all the original activities planned, but not once did Jamie tell me he wish it didn’t rain.  The kids had an absolute blast nonetheless!  Jeru from Animals in Wonderland were absolutely amazing with the kids and I will definitely use them again for one of Jamie’s parties in the future and hopefully we will have a sunny day then 🙂

Next up, Jamie’s birthday tomorrow!  The little dude can’t wait!

(All my photos at the venue came out blurry…booohooo! So hoping the venue will post some of the pics on their FB page, then I will add them onto my blog too)


6 thoughts on “Jamie’s fifth birthday bash

  1. Shame about the rain, and heck, how it rained on Saturday. Wish we could move our boy’s birthdays to Summer hey.
    Love the cake. Next time I’m going to ask you to do Liam’s haha.
    Darn it about the pictures, but glad everyone had a blast
    Definately going the check out the site

  2. That cake is so flippen cool! Wow, I love it!

    Sorry that it rained, but really sounds like the kids didn’t even notice and had an amazing time anyway. Great venue choice!

    I hope Jamie has a wonderful birthday today.

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