Shae’s first hospital stay

Shae got ill on Thursday evening, vomiting twice, but luckily that was it. On Friday I kept her home to be on the safe side and her tummy started working… I was not too concerned, thinking it was a tummy bug that will run it’s course in 24 hours. She was still feeding frequently and in good spirits, playing around.  After her afternoon nap she became lethargic  and hubby suggested we rather take her to the doctor.

Shae cried during the consultation and the doctor observed that although she is crying there was no tears which indicated dehydration and she needed to insert an IV and call the paed.

Inserting the drip was a nightmare, but luckily the gp and sisters at Intercare were awesome and it was over and done with in no time. My needle-phobia kicked in and I had to tag-team with hubby after a while when I felt that I was going to faint.  The paed then indicated that Shae needs to be hospitalised and that they will have to take us with the ambulance so that the IV could stay in. The team from Gardmed was great and they took us to the hospital in a jiff.

The experience at the hospital was horrific though. The nursing staff lost the drip when they had to change over to the pipes that can connect to their machines, so they had to re-insert the drip in her other arm. Hubby had to step in again here, because I lost it with the staff at that stage, after I had to convince them the drip was out they have to check. They told me Shae was just upset because this was all new to her, but of course I know my child better and knew something else was wrong.  So I had a time-out to collect myself while hubby stayed with Shae while they re-did the drip and drew blood for the tests.

When this was done at last, they allowed us to settle for the night, but sleep was not to be. Every 15 minutes the thingy-majik connected to the IV went crazy with an alarm and they had to check what was going on. I am sure the machine was faulty. The nursing staff came in regularly to either administer pain meds, Zinplex (woke us for Zinplex???), probiotics or check vitals; and at 2am we got the surprise they need to draw more blood. This was a nightmare, I had to hold Shae down while the nurse had to try and locate a vein…my poor Shae-Shae … 3 times… Her arm is blue because of all the poking and prodding.


Saturday morning could not have come quicker. With daylight came new hope… and hubby.  The paed came around and told us it was a gastro virus which must just run it’s course… no medication unfortunately, just immune boosters and pain meds.  Shae must just continue to breastfeed, take as much clear fluids possible and stay away from dairy.

I tag-teamed again with hubby, so hubby stayed with Shae while I took Jamie out to the coffee shop for treats and a quick shopping trip to buy a few toys and sweets to pass time and keep Jamie active and happy.

We really had our hands full juggling Jamie and Shae, because Jamie was not allowed in isolation; and he did not want to stay with my friend who kind-heartedly offered to look after him.  Oh he wanted to go, okay, but with mommy and daddy to go and swim!  Shae, my little super trooper, kept on feeding

The only highlight of this experience was when they let Shae walk around in isolation (there was no other patients in isolation) and she spotted Jamie through the glass door and their interaction was priceless.  I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Jamie and Shae

Later they took off the IV and she looked much, much better – even walking around and smiling!

Collage 2015-07-11 18_03_23

Saturday night came and Shae slept a lot better without the drip, but then I got sick with the same thing. Relief came when the paed let us go home on Sunday morning.  Just in time, because by Sunday afternoon I got really sick with high fever. Super-hubby had to step in once again to take care of the kids while I was in bed fighting a 39 degree fever with chills.  I was totally out of it and only remember hubby sticking our thermometer in my ear every couple of minutes.

I am relieved to say that Shae is better now, and I am getting there. Further, I’m just hoping and praying that the boys don’t get this horrible, horrible virus.

Shae was a brave girl throughout, even though this must have been a nightmare experience for her. Jamie was my little super-boy, being good and staying patient when we had to deal with Shae. I am really proud of my kids.

Now this mommy needs to switch from nurse-mode to party-planner mode, because it’s Jamie’s birthday party on Saturday!  Our little dude is turning 5 soon!


10 thoughts on “Shae’s first hospital stay

  1. Oh my goodness, poor little Shae. And poor you. It’s so horrible spending time in the hospital. And who can sleep with all that buzzing going on.
    Glad to hear you are both on the mend.
    Lovely pics of the kids and of Shae Shae walking. Wonderful

  2. Oh Debs, what a traumatic experience. Luckily Shae won’t even remember it, even though it’s all etched on your heart forever!
    I love love love the pics of the interaction between Shae and Jamie, ohmigosh, it gives me a lump in my throat, even though this is the second time I see these pics, they speak a thousand words, what a special bond these two share!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Hope you’re both feeling better today!
    Gosh, the many different faces us moms have to have. From nurse to party planner. Go, supermommy!!

  3. Ahhhh, the poor poppet!!! And mom and dad too of course!

    I hope you are both on the mend and that the boys stay healthy!

    PS. Shae is just gorgeous.

  4. Poor little Shae! What an experience for you all! Glad Shae is better and that you’re on the mend also!!!
    The pics of Jamie and Shae are just heart-melting!! 🙂

  5. Oh no. What a traumatic experience. Having had to do the iv thing on an older child a few weeks ago, I empathise fully. I can only imagine how much worse it must have been with little Shae.

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