First Mother’s Day as a Mom²

So yesterday was my first Mother’s Day as a Mom of TWO!  Can I just say that I am super blessed, lucky and loved… my family are so precious.  What a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend it was!

First we celebrated M’day with my MIL and mother on Saturday, I cooked them each a special meal at their homes. Was lovely spending time with them and honouring them as moms.

Then it was Sunday.  Shae was up really early on Sunday, but hubby handled her while I had a bit of an extra snooze until just after 6 when all 4 of us cuddled in bed for a little while. Jamie couldn’t wait to give me the special bookmark he made me at school together with two biscuits. And then also the present from hubby, Jamie and Shae. Jamie chose a lovely packet of Iced Zoo cookies, even took his piggy bank money along to the shops to pay for it (which hubby of course funded instead. Hmmm so had a lovely cup of coffee with zoo cookies – Jamie ate the biggest portion though :p haha, because “you will share, right mommy?” I was also spoilt with my favourite Lindt truffles and Nespresso coffee. Love it – a mom can run on chocolate and coffee alone for days!  Hubby dearest treated me to croissants and Nutella for breakfast and pizza for dinner.

It was a glorious day spent with my three specials! So many hugs, kisses and love distributed throughout the day ❤

PicMonkey Collage

I hope all the blogger mommies had a special Mother’s day too! xx


2 thoughts on “First Mother’s Day as a Mom²

  1. Aw what a special celebration, glad you were spoilt! Still giggling at the zoo biccies, that’s precious. Beautiful piccie collage! ♥

    • Thank you, Jess! Haha yes, those Zoo cookies will be a lifelong special memory! Me thinks I must start sneaking Zoo cookies into his presents from now on too.

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