Dedicated to my mom

This one goes out to the most wonderful mom I could have ever asked for.  So many emotions is starting to well up in me just trying to find the words to honour her this Mother’s Day – because there is not enough words to describe my love for her…neither is there to describe her love for me as I know it is more vast than the ocean, it is endless.  I only understand that kind of love now that I am a mommy myself.

I look back at my childhood and I only have happy memories of a loving family.  My dad worked so hard so that my mom could stay at home to care for us.  She dedicated herself to us and by gosh it couldn’t have been easy – she has four kids! They both sacrificed so much for us children over the years.

She was a very strict mom in our childhood, her nickname was “Klein Oorloggie” (loosely translates to Little War).  Little because she’s only 1.5-something cm tall and War because she had a quick temper, but my daddy believed he tamed her, as she is a much calmer person although a stress-pot, just like me.  Even though she was strict, she always remained loving – something I strive to in parenthood too.  She set such a good example to me and she is the type of parent I want to be for my children as well.

I know she always says she wish she could have been more for us, wish she could have done more for us, that she gave us more etc, but honestly she has done enough for us, she gave us the perfect childhood and there’s nothing more I could have asked for.  Would not trade her for the Queen.

Now that we’re adults, her job still has not ended and she often says she worries more about us now than when we were children and under her roof – her caring does not stop.  She still spoils us rotten with her lovely baked goods and unconditional love and she accepted all her children-in-law as her own and she would not favour one over the other.  Her grandchildren are also spoilt rotten.  Jamie loves his ouma’s cookies; and every month when she get’s her pension money she gives them both a bit of pocket money which Jamie adores too, not to mention all the sweets and chippies and more importantly the attention she gives them when they are around.

My mom is someone I could talk to about anything, she won’t ever judge me, she won’t ever give me her opinion if I have not asked for it and she never interferes – just endless of support and understanding and the biggest of all – love.  I can’t put into words how much I appreciate her.  I can still wrote lots about this wonderful woman, but I am going to run out of blog space!

Happy Mother’s day to the most amazing, beautiful, loving mother.  You are my world and you started my life off perfectly – I could not have asked for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love you xxxx



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