1 Month to GO!

Shae turned 11 months yesterday… Only one more month until my baby girl turns ONE YEAR… definitely the record for the year that flew by the fastest.

What a month it has been!  The poor little girly got the RSV virus and she was really unwell. Also she had a gummy-ear and she cried so much, later on didn’t want to eat much, didn’t even want to take her meds. Only since yesterday she started to look better and ate a bit more.

Shae not only cut her first tooth, but the tip of the second one is also through. First she cut the bottom left one, and then the top left lateral incisor. Also the other bottom right toofie is about to cut through and I can see the other 3 top teeth is close too.  It makes for interesting nights.

I am now the proud mommy of a princess who gives voluntary kisses. Oh how sweet!  We receive so much love from her, it sure makes up for the long nights and trying times.

We’re going to have a walking girly in the near future me thinks.  She has tried a couple of times to give an unaided step… very wobbly, but she is trying very hard, she also stands for long periods of time now.

Big brother, Jamie is so proud of her. I can still hear him exclaim the other day “WOW, Shae is such a good girl – she can even stand on her own!

Plans for her first birthday includes a cake smash photo shoot and I am very much excited about it!  For her birthday self we’re taking the day off and we’ll do fun stuff to celebrate the day with her. We’re not having a party, but will definitely bake her a special cake and celebrate with family.

Happy 11 Months, beautiful Shae! Always know how much I love you, you are the most awesome little person and you give meaning to the saying “dynamite comes in small packaging”

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