My fairy reached double digits ~ 10 Month Update!

Beautiful Shae turned 10 months on Friday.  Such a pity that the little girly is feeling sickies at the moment.  She has been struggling with her sinus and it turned into an infection. Luckily she is doing a bit better today, I hope she will be herself again soon as none of us are coping with such little sleep.

A while ago I was reading through Jamie’s baby updates and I saw his 10-Month update and I thought I would use the same format for Shae-Shae.

How old is Shae now?
10 Months and 4 Days.  We reached double digits!

What her favourite things to eat
She loves eating slices of tomato, as if she can’t get enough of it.  Also a huge fan of marie biscuits.  She quite likes yogurt and cheese like her big bro, and spaghetti was a huge hit too.

What milestones has she reached recently?
Standing up against things, cruising and she started standing on her own for a milli-second.

What words does she say regularly?
Mama is definitely her favourite word.  She started saying other a-words – dadda, baba, tatta, but she does not say these regularly yet.

How many toofies?
None as yet.

How does she sleep at night?
Not good. ‘Nuff said.

Weight & Length?
She was weighed yesterday at the paed and weighs 8.2 kg.  At 9 months she was measuring at 75 cm.

What has been your highs for the past couple of weeks?
I can’t get enough of her baby love.   I can’t help but squishing and hugging her constantly – she is an amazing little human being and makes me so proud.  One of my highs is definitely her interaction with big brother Jamie – they are adorable, especially the way Jamie loves and tries to entertain his sister.

What have been you lows for the past couple of weeks?
Shae being sick since Saturday, after I’ve been terribly sick to… so that together with the exhaustion of very little sleep and being very busy at work gets me down some days.

One cutie-pie thing?
Oh my gosh…just one!  When I was in the shower the past two nights and hubby was standing with her in his arms and chatting to me she leaned forward and gave me slobber-kissies though the shower door. Was so cute!

Something Surreal?
That we are going through this baby stage so quickly!  Time really flies

Something to look forward to?
Easter weekend coming up!  It will be Shae’s first Easter – can’t wait to see her experience it with Jamie.

PicMonkey CollageHappy 10 months my happy baba! I love you so much ~ thank you for being my own real-life fairy princess and thank you for loving me so much in return. You make me feel like I’m your universe and that makes me incredibly happy.


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