A tribute to my Jade Cat.

Jade has been part of my life forever…okay not exactly forever but it sure feels like it.  15 Years is a long time.  I always wanted a kitty cat, I adore cats, but my dad hate cats and only ever had dogs and basically never allowed me to have a cat.  My darling boyfriend back then (hubby deluxe now) took me to the SPCA for my 21st birthday and helped me to adopt a cat. The cat would live with him and his parents until much later when we had our own flat.  Walking into the SPCA I felt overwhelmed with all the kitties, there were so many, so many types and ages. There were this green eyed teenager/young adult grey striped cat who approached me inside the ‘cage’, circling my legs whilst purring, speaking to my soul. I just knew he was the one.  I named him Jade – JA my hubby’s initials, DE my maiden initials. And of course those jade eyes.

I adored my Jade.  Two years later Johnathan and I moved to Pretoria and when we moved into our own garden flat we fetched Jade and we lived in bliss with our kitty cat.  Jade was the most wonderful soft natured, lazy cat.  He did not catch birds or mice, he would lie next to his food bowl while the doves picked at his food and he would not bat an eye.  He had the loudest purr, the most friendliest cat I ever met.  When I would go for a walk he would follow me. Like a dog!  He would sleep on top of me, all whilst purring.

I almost lost him three times. First thanks to tick fever – two blood transfusions saved him then. The second time we woke up in the morning, saw blood and found him in a corner hiding, his tummy ripped open, insides peeling out of him – fabulous VET saved him again. Third time we came home and he had almost no back paw left, still don’t know what happened – but previously said fab VET saved him again.

When we moved back to PE, he moved with us again.  He was with us through most of our lives  – our wedding, the birth of Jamie, the adoption of our doggy, the birth of Shae… through thick and thin.

But then Jade got old and previous injuries I suspect did not help the process.  He started getting lame, but still a happy kitty. Then one day things took a turn for the worse and hubby had to urgently get him to the VET.  Jade either suffered a heart attack or a blood clot, along with kidney failure. We did not had a choice, but to let Jade go to heaven.

This was two weeks ago and I still look out for him. Think I must go refill his water, but then remembering he does not need water anymore… Open a can of tuna and want to call him to give him the tuna juicies he loved so much… His cat litter still in the garage.  It’s surreal that he’s not here any more.

Rest in peace, Jade. Thank you for everything you meant to me. We miss you.

11025137_10152582406666650_6742624154159964316_n 11043111_10152582406656650_267117188266491131_n

Previous blog post about Jade can be found here https://aukett.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/jamie-jade/


3 thoughts on “A tribute to my Jade Cat.

  1. Oh Debs, I’m crying now man. Jade was beautiful. There is just something magical about cats.
    I too think I’m more of a cat person, although we have 2 dogs also. I still cry when I think about Pippy, my tabby who was killed by the dogs next door. It was 5 years ago yesterday. We still have his brother, Bungy, a lovely black cat. He’s 14 this year. He also goes for walks with us around the block when we go walking or riding.
    Hugs Debs, its so sad to lose a family member

    • There definitely is something magical about cats, I agree with you – they are real little persons. Sorry to hear about your Pippy, they leave such a huge gap in ones life. I also still miss my Nikita who died about 8 years or so ago. Your Bungy sounds like a real charmer and so cute walking with you. Thanks for the hugs xx

  2. Ah such a special tribute Debs, and just adore the photos. Jade lived a very fortunate and blessed life being your kitterkat! Hugs my friend.

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