Mr Clever Pants is in Grade 0!

So although Jamie’s old school/daycare goes up until Grade R, we decided to move Jamie to a proper Pre Primary school as he needs more structure and routine in his life than what his old school offered.  After showing Jamie his new school he was so very excited about “big school” and ever since the holiday started he constantly wanted to know how many sleepies until he can go there.

Well, today was the big day… at last for him to start. He woke up and couldn’t wait to get there, but when it was time to get out of the car his nerves kicked in. And then when we went to his class they showed us last year they said his class moved and when we got there it was the principal who waited for him and not the teacher we introduced him to – she resigned on the second last day of the term last year, so the principal will be taking over Jamie’s class until the replacement starts in March.

Ag and with all that Jamie all of a sudden didn’t want to be left at school and he was holding onto me for dear life.  The principal already warned us last year that they want the kids to be dropped off and the parents should not linger around, so there we were with the principal wanting us to leave and Jamie not wanting to let go, so had to literally tear myself free.  Poor mommy heart!  I am sure he will be fine though and he probably started playing with all the new toys shortly after we left.  I can’t wait to hear all about his first day in Grade 0!

I can’t believe we’re at this stage in his life already… where has my baby gone?  The little dude is already so clever, he surprise me on a regular basis with new words and phrases like yesterday when he described something as “picture perfect”.  He is a real little Mr Clever Pants, for everything I say he usually has 3 things to say back. Love his stories and I love this stage, I’m amazed at his wit and cleverness.

PicMonkey Collage

Have fun at school, my precious, precious boy. May this be the good start to your education mommy and daddy wishes for you. Continue being the little sponge you already are – absorb absolutely everything and learn all you can.  Love you to infinity and beyond, my gorgeous Pixie-Wix. xxx


5 thoughts on “Mr Clever Pants is in Grade 0!

  1. Tears in my eyes here Debs. You made a good decision putting him in the Big Schools pre-primary. I’m sure it will make the move smoother when he goes to the real big school.
    Good Luck Jamie, I’m sure you will love your new school.

    • Thanks Helen! Although this pre-primary is separate from the primary school, different principal, schoolground everything, but hoping the transition will make him ready for more transitions :-p

      • It’s scary, even for me. I can only imagine what our little ones go through.
        I’m stressing so with this school thing. I think I need a glass of wine tonight 🙂

  2. Awww Debs. I know how you feel. Munchkin started Grade R at big school this year and she is also quite unsure and nervous in the mornings. She doesn’t really have any friends there yet and I’m hoping that changes soon … heartbreaking having to leave your little one when they’re looking at you with those sad eyes!

  3. I cannot take those difficult drop offs. It kills me every single time. I disregard the school rules and do not drip and run anymore. I tried that and i cried every time too. Now i take Honeybear and sit outside the class with him and reason with him because he is old enough to understand. It dies mean i have to make sure i have enough time.

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