My little sister’s wedding

I have another two posts pending – about Jamie’s concert and festive celebrations, but if I don’t write the blog post about my sister’s wedding now, I’m not gonna get to it EVER, as she is already celebrating two months of being a Mrs in two days’ time!

So on the 11th of October Leandra and Jaco got hitched.  On a beautiful guest farm named Uhuru in the Calitzdorp district.  It was a beautiful, special wedding.  My dad made wooden planters for the tables, my mom grew all the succulents that went in it, I made the wedding cake and Lea made most of the cute decorations herself as well.   A lot of love went into all the preparations.  I was really stressed about the cake as I’m not a professional baker (just do it for the love of baking), and not only that, but we had to travel all the way from PE with Jamie and Shae and the cake and it was hot!  But all’s well ends well, the cake made it in one piece.

It was the most perfect sunny day. Leandra looked perfectly beautiful and Jaco very handsome. The nuptials part of the wedding was lovely and so romantic and I could not help shedding a tear of joy for the happy couple. The reception was gorgeous with the dark blue and apple green colours, the food were yummy and the dancing fun.  The most perfect wedding for the most stunning couple.  We all stayed over for two nights, so it was wonderful family-time as well.

Congratulations Leandra & Jaco, I know you’re going to have a lifetime of happiness and marital bliss!

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2


4 thoughts on “My little sister’s wedding

  1. OMG, we drove passed Uhuru last January when we stayed at Calitzdorp Spa, those little orange houses on the hills ! Oh weird is that
    That’s such a oulike cake. Well done, it looks fab
    Your sis looks tall, must be the stillettos under that stunning dress.
    Congrats Mr and Mrs! May your union be blessed
    Hugs to you Debs

    • Haha weird indeed, can you believe!
      My little sis is a bit taller than me, but yes she wore lovely high heels, and I never wear heels, always in slops next to her :-p
      Hugs to you too, Helen, thought of you on Saturday when going to PnP xx

      • We were nearly flushed away in January at Calitzdorp. Middle of January and they were in flood. We woke on up the 2nd morning and the water was touching the bottom of that bridge across the road. We decided to cut our holiday short
        Yeah, I’ve chucked out the heels. Fortunately (or not) I’m still 5ft11 barefoot, haha
        Gosh, can’t remember when last I went to PnP. I prefer the Spar down the road. DH says I’m resistant to change

    • Oh my gosh, I remember all the rain you talked about earlier this year. Must have been scary.
      Haha funnily enough I prefer Spar these days too, just either go to the Hunters or Sunridge one. PnP got a bit expensive to my liking.

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