A Jamie-update (long overdue!)

Jamie is getting so clever!  His vocabulary has exploded and he uses words like “hand sanitizer” instead of soap, “ferris wheel” the other day when we were passing a play park and lots of other words that I know I don’t use regularly and I know my little sponge is absorbing so much!  I am so proud of him.

It struck me like a lightning bolt last week that my boy is going to pre-primary next year. Okay, I knew it, but it became such a big reality last week when I attended orientation evening for next year.  I absolutely adore his new school and his new teacher who is a really likable person, funny and strict – I know she would do Jamie the world’s good.  I can’t wait for him to start there.  We’ll take him beginning December to meet his new teacher and see the school for himself to prepare him for January.

Jamie started swimming lessons with his dad in September and he is really enjoying it.  Can already see he is developing and starting to feel more confident in the water.  He is like me and we don’t like water splashed in our faces, but his swimming teacher does it very gradually where they just put there mouths under water and pretend to be a motorboat and then take it from there until they are able to go under water.  Very impressed with his skills thus far!

Jamie 1

It was my sister’s wedding last month (still need to blog about it) and Jamie was the ring bearer. Right from the start I was a bit nervous of my child having to sit still during the ceremony and then to stand up and go give them the rings, so it took a lot of coaching and a little bribe of a promised Hiro train for his collection.  He did well during the ceremony, except for a few ants in his pants and then a yucky nose… Typical little boy he wanted to pick out what was bothering him and just as he removed the “diamond” from his nose, I quickly grabbed it and put it in a tissue when he exclaimed “give me back my snotty”.  Jis, it was hard not to laugh out loud.  It was so cute, when it was time to give the rings, he got up, gave it to the groom, then got all shy and red in his face and ran quickly back to me.  Mission completed!  Can’t wait to see the dvd 🙂  He looked so handsome with his nice shirt and tie.

Lea troue 2Some idiot told my boy that Santa’s not real, so now I have to work double time to bring the magic back, but I think I got through to him and he is excited again.  Yes, I know Santa’s really not real, but he is 4 and I want my children to be excited about the magic of Christmas. So for all intense purposes Santa, the Toothfairy and the Easter bunny is alive and kicking, okay!  We are going to write a letter to Santa to ask for the Hot Wheels Dino track he so desperately wants (which mommy and daddy already purchased) and we’ll go mail it this weekend, and I’m sure mommy will organize a letter from Santa in return.  Almost time for Holly the jolly elf to make her appearance too!  Last night Jamie did something naughty and I told him Santa sees him being naughty and he replied “no, mommy, he didn’t – our curtains are closed”. Where did this clever child come from?

Now that Shae is a bit older he can be a lot more interactive with her. He started playing peek-a-boo with her which she loves and laughs out loud at him.  He is such an awesome big brother, even helps me out to do nappies (with supervision of course). And he loves bathing with her in the evenings, but quite sternly remind her that she’s not allowed to splash (water in the face, remember).  She adores him in return.

PicMonkey Collage

10646655_10152336108096650_3828473218181868000_nHe is such a sweet child, he is forever picking me flowers and telling me how much he loves me.  He is also working hard at his school concert, but he keeps it a surprise for me and last night pretended there are no concert when I was asking questions about it.  Love how his sense of humour developed as well, he can be so silly sometimes and love telling jokes.  He has a repertoire of about 3 he keeps on telling everyone who is willing to listen.

Gosh, I love this child so much. He is a handful most of the time as he really is a high-energy child, so it’s hard to keep up with him, but then he has this cuddle-streak in him too and in the evenings and early mornings it’s our time to cuddle and he will easily tell me to come and cuddle with him.

LEandra troue 3

This boy has his mommy wrapped around his little finger.


10 thoughts on “A Jamie-update (long overdue!)

  1. Wow, yes, big boy indeed. I love that word explosion. Liam comes out with the strangest things and at the same time his principal says she is really impressed with his Vocab. We have Grade R orientation next week. Apparently it is just for Liam, but I think we might sit outside for the hour.
    Yay on the swimming lessons. You’ll be impressed with how fast they learn. Liam also didn’t like to stick his head in the water and now he’s scouting the bottom of the pool for money (yes, I told him there was money down there)
    LOL at the snotty at the wedding. Boys hey. I keep telling Liam that his finger will come out of his bum if he digs any deeper.
    What a plonker, who on earth tells a kid that Santa etc isn’t real? We also instil these “fantasies” It’s good for their imagination. I wonder what fights I’ll have with the neighbours this year about Xmas…….mmmmmmmmmmmm
    Oh Debs, your post has bought tears to my eyes. Your kids are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Wrap around your finger?? Don’t I know it
    Hugs Debs, Keep well

    • Hey Helen *waves madly* Good luck with Liam’s orientation this week. So great about Liam already diving in to scout for coins, clever clever 🙂
      Eeeeeeek, can only imagine what your neighbours is gonna get up to again this Xmas.
      Moms + their boys – so special hey!
      Big hugs to you xx

  2. Ah what a special update this is Debs! Jamie is growing up so beautifully. He looks like such a kind loving brother, aaaw, my heart!
    LOL so much @ give back snotty, hehehe.
    Sjoe ja, big school! Goodness. Where does time go…
    Ag no I can’t believe someone told him Santa’s not real, shucks! Well done @ getting the magic back again. Ai!
    Special piccies. ♥

  3. Messed up there. Meant to write that he does seem like a lovely child. You are a great mom which can be seen in your kids.
    I have been thinking about having Honeybear to swim too, but I am worried he will not listen and drown.

    • Hey MC, thank you! Luckily with this swimming lessons they are in a group and mom/dad does everything with them and they learn play-play with songs and so. Think we started at the right age for Jamie, I don’t think he would have been ready earlier though.

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