Shae is 5 months!

No way! A month has passed since my last blog post… and I have so much to blog… about Jamie, about Shae about my sister’s wedding, my work trip with Shae, a song my boss sang to Shae… so much! And have not even been able to read my favourite blogs nor comment. This year is going too fast and I am way too busy! But busy in a good way. Busy at work and busy with my little munchkins, home and family. I will have to catch up on reading and writing!

For now just to keep up with Shae’s development, which is happening so fast, let me just quickly write about her turning 5 months today.

So yes, she is 5 months old today. As cute as a button and getting more and more beautiful every day. She is pure sunshine and utter bliss. Yes, time is running away with us, but we’re making every second count, savoring every second of having a baby in our arms and enjoying the baby cuddles and giggles so much.

The life of a full time working mom of two children without some domestic help is hectic. Hectic is an understatement. Luckily hubby helps a lot which is a godsend, I don’t know if I would have managed if he wasn’t such a hands-on dad. Poeksie, I know you read my blog updates – so I publicly thank you and love you šŸ˜‰
And seeing as Jamie told me yesterday that he gets naughty when “he does not know what to do”, I’m going to rope him in and give him some chores to do from now on too. Last night I directed him to unpack the dishwasher and I ask him to entertain his sister for short periods of time. He loves it though and it’s not a chore as such for him.

Oh yes, my mind is wandering quite a lot too…I’ve been writing about Shae turning 5 months and here I’m blabbering about chores and how tired and overworked I am, uhm okay! Let’s just call it sleep deprivation.

It’s not going to be long until two things happen – 1) Shae is going to sit on her own and 2) a toofie is going to break through. I think that is the first two milestones that’s about to happen. I can’t remember if I mentioned that she started rolling – yay for that milestone reached! She also discovered her feet and loves playing with it. Sometimes even multi-tasking chewing on her one hand and with the other hand playing with her toes. Too cute! She’s a real chatterbox and loves “singing”. She’s so ticklish when her daddy tickles her she can’t help but giggle.

She scared us a little when she vomited twice last Monday night and had some phlegm, but after a trip to the gp she was fine and didn’t even need medication, just mommy’s milk to cure the nasties.

Everybody who meets her loves her – she was a real hit at my sister’s wedding and then at my work conference too. Seems like she’s a little social butterfly!

Can’t imagine life without my girly-girl and my awesome-roarsome little dude by our sides. We are truly a blessed mommy and daddy.

Happy 5 months, my Shae-Shae! Just give mommy a wee little more sleep, please šŸ™‚ But I love you anyway, and more and more each day.



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