Shae is 4 months

The little queen of hearts has turned 4 months on Saturday.  She seems so big on photographs, but she’s so little in real life, not even 6 kilograms.  A real little fairy.  I can’t imagine how our lives were before she arrived, but also can’t believe it’s been four months already, four months!

I think her first week at daycare went well.  It was the best week to start work with a public holiday on Wednesday, so we could have a bit of a breather!  The caregivers all said that she is so friendly and loved chatting to them and smiled frequently.  So that helps me a bit knowing that.  But it has been a tough week on us both, especially Monday and Tuesday… I’ve been crying and to me she just did not look like herself in the evenings. Someone told me that I should allow us to grief for this new change, so I’m trying to be kind to myself, I’ve been an emotional wreck although I hid it well (fake it till I make it) and I’ve been showering her with so much love so that she knows I’m not abandoning her, I’m there for her and love her oh so much.  It’s a tough transition, hard to find new routines, but it’s already going better although this morning… Monday… you can imagine.

Shae has been working hard at reaching milestones and I’m sure it’s not going to be long until she is sitting, rolling, cutting teeth etc.  She is already grasping toys much better and she can sit with a bit of support.  She has been drooling and chewing and shame those gums are really itchy… had to dose her for the first time yesterday with teething meds and paracetamol before bedtime.

Jamie calls her “my darling sweetheart”.  Isn’t that just to cute for words?  Daddy calls her “my Pretty” and I call her Shae-Shae, my little fairy, princess, oh I have so many terms of endearment, sometimes even just. “my mooiste dogtertjie”.

Happy 4 months, my little girly!

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10 thoughts on “Shae is 4 months

  1. Happy 4 months beautiful Shae! Hope it doesn’t take too long too settle into being back at work. I am sure it is way harder for you than it is for Shae, but I know what you mean, they just don’t seem the same those first few days of leaving them. Hugs!

  2. She is so adorable Debs. And so teeny tiny still!
    You’ve done so great with your transition of going back to work, even if you were faking it – you’re amazing.
    Ag liefste Jamie calling his sister “my darling sweetheart” I love that!!!

  3. Hugs Debs! Being a working mom is not easy, but we do what is best for our kids.

    Shae is beautiful and such a little girl. Enjoy her, they really grow up fast.

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