My head is spinning

There is just so much going on in my life right now, I think I’m going to go mad one of these days. My sister’s wedding is in a month, it’s 4 hours drive from us and I’m making the wedding cake. I’ve increased my weightloss efforts. I have to start working in two weeks (cry, cry, cry). And a few other more minor things and did I mention I have two very demanding kids, I’m sleep deprived and oh so tired!

Shae turned 14 weeks last weeks, already 15 weeks tomorrow, so it was vaccination time again. The little princess was not impressed, first she cried her breathe away and then she started screeching like a banshee! We also had a few bad, bad nights, although there has been terrible sleep regression since she turned 3 months. She now weighs 5.5 kg and her length is 60 cm, head circumference @ 39 cm. My petite little girly. I’m dreading going back to work, not that I don’t love my work, but the guilt, the worry about how she will do at daycare, and me missing her so much will be so tough. I don’t have a choice though, so will have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. Does crying burn more calories?

Jamie is going through a tough time. Defying us as far he goes, not wanting to go to school, not wanting to bath….eat….sleep….listen. Everything is a battle. Then there are the sweet moments, him picking me flowers, singing me songs, talking sweet words to Shae, holding hands and cuddling with me. We have to exercise a lot of patience and care…we’ve been extra careful to give him loads of attention since Shae’s arrival, but seems he needs even more. Pushing boundaries has become his second name… So last week we pushed back. He didn’t want to bath so we said no television until he is clean. He didn’t budge, so we didn’t either. We had a dirty little boy crying himself to sleep in my arms, but the next evening he bathed without a problem.


I love my kiddies to bits, but sjoe, they require hard work, blood, sweat and tears…not that I’d trade them for anything!


10 thoughts on “My head is spinning

  1. Aw man Debs! I can’t imagine how tired you must be. One kid is enough, people with more are just crazeeeee! Sorry.
    If crying burned calories all mummies would be stick insects. Don’t we wish.
    Baby Shae will be fine at daycare. Is she going to the same place as Jamie? Parents always think that we are the tough ones, but our kids can reduce us to mushy jelly in seconds.
    Sjoe, things sound rough, but good on you for pushing Jamie back. Sometimes to love our little people is so tough. It’s like a Jekyll and Hide. Sometimes they are little monsters and the next minute little Angels. But have you noticed how quickly they forgive us for being Meanies. We’re a shouting and screaming at them and the next minute they are giving us a love.
    Hugs Debs, stay strong

    • Crazy, I know, and yet I’m not comfortable yet to give hubby the go ahead for a vasectomy…
      Yes, Shae is going to the same place so I know she’ll be fine, but my mommy heart is still worried…ai
      You are so right Jekyll and Hide is the right description!

  2. Huge hugs Debs! Totally understand the pushing boundaries thing. Matthew is doing the same thing at the moment. But your kids are so gorgeous and I love looking at pics if them. Going back to work is always tough. Kids are more adaptable than we are. Change isn’t as hard for them as it is for us. Good luck, I know how hard it is.

    • Thank you, Kim! Thanks for the words of wisdom, I know what you say is true…it’s just hard.
      Sorry M is going through a rebellious stage too, it’s tiresome, especially with two littlies. Hugs xx

  3. I love family weddings. They are always so much fun. Good Luck with the cake, and please post some pics.
    I feel for you about starting work. You know Shae will be fine, it will be you who has to adjust. You have done it before and you will do it again.
    I know all about toddler defiance. I am so over fighting about everything. I just try to evaluate how important is it before getting all Mama authority going.
    You are a great Mom.

    • I can’t wait for the wedding! Will definitely take lots of pics 🙂
      I’m so sorry to hear the little honeybear is giving you a tough time too… It seems it only gets worse. Big hugs and ditto on being a great mommy, because you are xx

  4. Huge hugs Debs! I could have written this post about Hayley, we are struggling with the exact same issues 😦
    I am returning to work on 1 October and although I love my work I am dreading going back, Logan is going to the same school as Hayley and I know they will look after him well, but I am just feeling so sad about leaving him!

    Hugs, I know at the end of the day we are doing for our kids what we have to do, so that they can have the best in life and all will be fine. I am sure this difficult phase with Jamie will also pass 😉

    Enjoy the wedding and post loads of photos!

  5. Going back to work is a tough one but before you know it you’ll be in a new routine. Missing them is so hard though, that part doesn’t get easier for me… they’re resilient little things! x

  6. You really have a lot going on at the moment! Just focus on what you can when you can and do the best you can – that is all anyone (including yourself) could ask of you. With your sister’s wedding cake, and bearing in mind I have no idea what kind of cake she is having, I recommend just finding a way to spread out the tasks over as many days as you possibly can. One giant task is best handled in small pieces 🙂

    Jamie sounds like a perfectly normal four year old to me, it is exactly what happens in our house!

    Good luck with going back to work and everything else Debs, you do have a lot on your plate, be kind to yourself.

  7. HUGS Deb!!
    One day at a time … it’s what I keep telling myself.
    Shae will be fine at daycare … it’s a’ways the mummies that struggle the most with leaving them. It’s so hard for us mums.
    The defiant stage … ugh … I know how you feel. We have been there too … hang in there … it does get better … they all go through this stage! And then when it ends some other stage with its own challenges starts … Oi!

    Good luck with the wedding cake. Please do post some pics. I also LOVE weddings 🙂

    More hugs ….

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