Happy 3 Months, little Miss Aukett!

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My heart is swollen with pride; and not only that, it is full to the brim with love and adoration for this petite litte girly. She is 3 full months old today. A quarter of a year. Shew!

She is absolutely nothing but a joy to us. A ray of pure sunshine, just like her big bro. She gave her first laugh two nights ago. A short one, but a laugh none the less. She loves it when I sing “Handjies klap, koekies bak” and manipulate her hands to clap along, and that was when she gave it. Daddy and Jamie also there to hear it. So special! They say when a baby gives her first laugh a fairy is born 🙂

Shae is starting to become a real little person with a big personality. Always busy busy, and that lyfie is always on the move, wriggling about. So I must be very careful where I put her.

And she started drooling… drooling so very much. I predict a toofie by 6 months at the latest, although my breasties would be thankful, very thankful if it comes later.

We sort have found a routine with everything, although it is about to change again next month when I have to start working again. Yes, yes… on the 22nd of September I’m due back at work. I thought this time is going to be easier since I went through it already, but since she arrived I had to acknowledge to myself that it’s going to be just as hard. We need the income, so there’s no deliberation, just have to do it. But luckily I enjoy my work and my employer is awesome.

Jamie does well with his sister and thinks Shae communicates with him in baby-talk as he often asks me what Shae just said to him. This is quite handy when I want him to do something because then it is “Shae wants her big brother to…” Haha, ja I know, exploitation at its best! I think he is just a bit overwhelming to her sometimes when he hugs to hard and tries to be silly when she is overtired etc.

Happy 3 months my pretty, pretty girly! Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, Jamie loves you, everybody adores you!


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