A little update

On the 29th of July I turned 34, or as I like to call it 29 for the 6th time and I still wanted to do a blog post about life in the mid-thirties, but now we’re 3 weeks down the line and I still have not gotten around to it. So it looks like it might just have to wait for my 35th ;). Just going to say it was a good day and hubby spoiled me with a new Kenwood Cake mixer, Jamie with a box of choccies and I baked myself a carrot birthday cake, yum! 

Talking about aging little Miss Shae turned 11 weeks today. We took her for her 10 week vaccinations last week and she now weighs 5 kg on the dot and her length is at 59 cm.  She’s really petite and about a kilo lighter than what Jamie was at this stage.  She started to play with her rattles and can now grasp an object and bring it to her mouth to suck on.  We’re doing lots of tummy time, but she does nog like it at all.  She is strong though, sometimes when on her back she lifts her head and shoulders up, almost like she wants to come in a sitting position.  She really is a cute little darling, can’t stop kissing and cuddling her.


Jamie is doing well, almost a month since we celebrated his 4th birthday. He started writing his name now and recognizes various letters from the alphabet. His vocabulary literally exploded. Very often hubby and I just look in amazement at each other after he says some new, clever words or quirks.  5 More months until Grade 0… It’s going to be bittersweet.  Unfortunately a lot of anger outbursts from him at this stage, he gets angry very easily and have an explosive personality, so that’s a bit hard at the moment. He gets lots of individual attention and adores his sister and never shows jealousy, so I don’t think her arrival is the cause of it though. 

On Saturday I took him to the movies for a special mom and son date. We watched How to train your dragon 2 as he is a huge fan. Was fun munching popcorn with him, it was a nice outing, but I’m just thankful we went to the early morning screening and there were only 2 other groups of people, cause my boy can’t sit still for a whole movie yet.  Oh I almost forgot: he dressed in a Ninja Turtles shirt, a Superman Cape and Dinosaur feet. Haha we got a lot of stares!



8 thoughts on “A little update

  1. I’m so sorry my friend, I didn’t realise it was your birthday. Happy Birthday blog buddy and hey, being in the 30’s ain’t that bad. Good grief, I’m 3 years away from 40. Oh heck, perhaps I shouldn’t announce that.
    Bless little baby Shae, I see she has that Aukett chinny-chin-chin 🙂
    Liam also explodes at me for no reason. Wonder what that’s about, although they say it’s all about testing the boundaries. I’ve already established that I am absolutely no good at setting boundaries. Parenting fail, but hey, I’m sure I’m not the only one.
    Liam doesn’t want to see Dragons 2 at the “movie show” I think I scared him by explaining that 3D looks like the characters jump out of the screen. Alas, we have to wait for the DVD to come out. Liam only sits still for about 40 minutes and then starts running up and down the stairs. We haven’t had any complaints yet, we’re just glad he’s getting a bit of exercise 🙂
    LOL at Jamies attire for the outing.
    Have a wonderful day

    • Happy Happy Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. You Shae is gorgeous and makes me a little broody.
      I am waiting for the day I can take Honeybear out to see a movie. I think he would love it…but those Dragon movies still terrify him. Lion King still scares him!
      Jamie sounds like a man with fashion sense. My little man is in pj’s today because that is all he wanted to wear to school.

      • Hehehe pj’s – I love it! So sweet that they have their own personalities and can live it out.
        Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂
        Hmmm Jamie’s got ants in his pants in a movie, I just cant wait till he sits still through one!

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes, Helen!
      Eeeek, ja, setting boundaries with Jamie just dont work, he just picks them up and move them… ouch, also a parenting fail.
      Dragons 2 is normal 2D at Walmer right now. I also don’t like 3D, cause it gives me a headache and with Frozen Jamie didn’t want to keep the glasses on, it’s a bit of a waste then really, so will only take him to normal movies from now on until he can appreciate 3d.
      Thanks for the visit and have a great day xx

  2. I think lil’ Jamie looked super cool 🙂
    Happy happy birthday dear Deb 🙂 Great that your boys spoiled you …
    Shae is so lovely … just look at those beautiful eyes!!! ❤

  3. Hehe really love Jamie’s movie outfit!! Super cute and funny, and love that you let him just do what he wants to regarding dressing himself, good for the kiddies to express themselves like that.
    Shae is adorable!
    You’re doing such a fab job Debs!

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