Happy 4th birthday Jamie, my sunshine child

There’s this little boy and he stole my heart completely and utterly four years ago when he entered our lives.  He calls me mom or mommy.  I call him my Pixie Wix, my angel-child, my bokka, my twinkle toes, my sunshine child.  I have so many terms of endearment for him, because my heart bursts with love for him and he is such an absolute sweetheart.

Today he turned four years old. He provided us with four years of joy.  I can’t be any prouder of him, he is developing in one fine young little-man.

Happy birthday my gorgeous boy. May there be many more. May you be blessed out of your socks.  May you only experience the beautiful in life. May you always have so much love in your life. May you always be such a ray of sunshine. This mommy-heart has so many wishes for you, so many dreams. Always know that I love you, unconditionally and I will always be there for you no matter what.

Thank you for all the hugs, kissies and cuddles ~ I treasure every single one.

Happy Happier Happiest Birthday, Jamie-jame

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6 thoughts on “Happy 4th birthday Jamie, my sunshine child

  1. I knew there was something I was trying to remember today (bending over kicking own butt)
    Happy Birthday Jamie boy. You are looking more like your Dad with each picture Mummy posts. You gorgeous, gorgeous boy.
    Have a fabulous day, I’m sure Mum and Dad have spoilt you rotten
    Hugs Jamie

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