Jamie <3

My poor sunshine child had a tough week.  Last Wednesday daycare made the dreaded phone call a parent get from time to time – Jamie is running a fever and is vomiting, please come and fetch him.  Took him to “Doc McStuffins” and he caught a stomach virus that caused severe tummy cramps and vomiting. Also his ear was red, almost infected and he started with a cough and runny nose, so she prescribed him a bucketful of meds to help with everything.  I kept him home for the week.  Luckily he is better now, but his appetite is still gone, he eats very little, although his appetite for sweets is back. I know my boy is really, really sick when he does not want cookies!

Excitement reigns in this house at the moment – only 9 days to go until Jamie’s birthday party and 11 days until his fourth birthday party.

He chose an Angry Birds theme this year.  What a fun theme!  I adore playing Angry Birds.  I am having so much fun making the characters for his birthday cake out of fondant.  I already completed the piggies, the sling shot and a couple of the angry birds.  Invites are out and I’m living Helen’s nightmare with RSVP’s.  Can you believe one mom from daycare responded via Jamie!  Thankfully he remembered and told me (but gosh!).


Still can’t believe my boy is turning 4.  My gorgeous, gorgeous child.


I had such a laugh at him this morning.  When he came to say goodbye to me before his dad took him to daycare he told me that I must please take good care of his baby sister and not lose her. He then proceeded to look at me with a huge question mark on his face asking: “deal?”.  So cute!  He really adores her and he makes me so proud.

He truly puts the sunshine in this cold, wintry days!


3 thoughts on “Jamie <3

  1. Poor, poor Jamie. Sounds like a really vicious bug. I also don’t like when the school phones me. Sometimes they phone for the strangest things but I don’t even ask how they are, I just say “why are you phoning me, what’s wrong with my child?” They must think I’m rude.
    Cool theme for the party. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Thank goodness that’s done and dusted for us, until another year.
    Hehe, I hope you don’t lose the baby today, LOL. How cute is that

  2. Yes mum … do make sure you don’t lose the baby hey!! LOL 🙂
    Poor Jamie … tummy bugs are soooooo awful.

    Very cool party theme 🙂 I am busy planning Mister’s party now but he’s too little to decide on a theme and says yes to basically everything so I still get to choose this one for him 🙂

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