Shae is one month old!

Good golly gosh, this past month has gone by in a flurry of nappy changes, feedings and cooing over the cuteness of my baby girl!  Even though some days I have not even had time to get out of my pajamas it was so worth it… Especially when Shae gave me her first smile on Tuesday. I managed to capture her cute smile on Wednesday!


We had some tough days, because Shae has reflux (just like her big brother had) and she struggles with cramping too.  So she cries much more than Jamie did when he was a newborn. This sure exhausts me, because she just wants to be held, and oh no mommy isn’t allowed to sit and hold her, but must walk around with her, rock and sway her 🙂  Thank goodness for my Ubbabubba wrap and baby-wearing!

But oh I can’t get over the cuteness, the absolute beauty and perfection of this little girl, so I enjoy having her in my arms, staring at her, taking her in.  I can’t believe how much I love this new little being already.

I really enjoy breastfeeding this time around as well.  I breastfed Jamie for 9 months, but we struggled with me who had a c-section and had pain, and it was uncomfortable in the beginning.  With Shae I latched her within a couple of minutes after birth and we just clicked and it fell into place.  It makes it hard, because I have to do all the nightly feedings on my own, so I’m so tired, but it’s so worth it.

So here we are, a month after her birth and she is so much part of our little family already.  Jamie still adores his little sister which is awesome, but it also has its challenges sometimes, especially in the evenings after school when Shae needs to sleep and Jamie just wants to kiss and hug her, so she wakes up and become overstimulated and by the time that it’s Jamie’s bedtime  we have 2 difficult children who fights bedtime.  Then hubby and I have to split – one takes care of Jamie, one of Shae, and then we switch, because Jamie wants both his parents to read him a bedtime story and cuddle a bit before bedtime.  By the time both of them is sleeping hubby and I are exhausted and go to bed ourselves within an hour.  Even our dog, Dex is taken by Shae… if she cries he investigates, in the beginning he howled whenever she cried.

Happy one month Shae!  Can’t wait to count down the days, weeks, months and eventually years with you as part of our lives.  You are so loved, my baby-princess, so loved.

Shae - 1 Month (3)



8 thoughts on “Shae is one month old!

  1. Shae is adorable…I am so very broody right now!
    If you are able to work it out, breastfeeding is such a rewarding relationship between you and your child. I am sure you know, it does get easier the longer you do it.
    Your family will find its groove, it has only been one month, cut yourself some slack.

  2. Oh man, she is gorgeous, love her little smile.
    Big ups to parents of multiples, I can’t even manage one. Don’t worry, the night feeds will fall away soon and let’s face it, it’s much better to pull out a boob than still have to make a bottle at that time of night. Liam dropped his night feeds at about 3 months old, so not long now
    Hugs Debs, you’re doing a fab job

    • You are right, I really don’t know how parents of multiples does it… and people with smaller age gaps and even more children – eeeeeek!
      Big hugs and thanks for the kind words

  3. Ag she is too precious Debs! That face! ♥
    The tough days are par for the course… And yes, our bedtime routine is pretty similar to yours, the way we have to make turns, swap around, etc. Wish I could clone myself!
    Glad breastfeeding is going well!

  4. She is gorgeous!!! ❤
    It takes time to find your new routine when baby 2 arrives … but you will.
    So glad breastfeeding is going well … I did find that every time I did it, it was easier than the previous time …

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