Come on, baby girl!

39 Weeks pregnant this week!  I am oh so ready to meet this new little princess in our lives!  Started my maternity leave yesterday, had my weekly gynae appointment and spent a special day with hubby dearest filled with quality time.  Today it’s my Jamie’s turn for a special mommy & Jamie day – we’ve been cuddling this whole morning, he is watching a spot of cartoons now and we plan to bake chocolate cupcakes and do some fun activities.

Our little girly is doing well and weighing in at roughly 3.3 kg right now.  She is in the perfect position for labour and really low already.  I am still safe to try for a Vbac this week, but gynae will probably book a c-sec date next week, because Jamie was a c-sec baby and to try for a Vbac, baby should not weigh more than 3.5 kg and he does not want me to go past 40 weeks.  So hoping, wishing and praying that our little girl makes her debut this week.

If she is born today still her star sign would be a Taurus and from tomorrow onward a Gemini.  I really want her to choose her own birth date. Jamie was due to be a Leo like me, but with being evicted via c-sec he was born a Cancer – two days short from being a Leo.

Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery and for her not making us wait for too long still, I really long for her in my arms now!

Yesterday’s scan pic – look at those beautiful chubby cheeks ❤ :10275415_10152033748746650_7327863766457278549_o



10 thoughts on “Come on, baby girl!

  1. Oh those cheeks, I totally understand how you’re feeling impatient to have her in your arms and to be able to smooch that face!
    Glad you had a special day with hubby yesterday, and so special that you’re having a Jamie-day today, he will cherish these memories.
    Thinking of you constantly, can’t wait to hear your news!

  2. Pic made me smile, boootiful baby girl.
    Liam is also a Cancer, chosen himself.
    I hope all goes well with Baby May’s birth, whichever way she enters the world 🙂

  3. I will keep checking to hear your wonderful news. SO very exciting waiting for a a baby. I told Hubby I wanted to have another baby on the weekend. But I just want the pregnancy part and then I can give the baby back because I do not actually want two kids (OK I do want another child a little bit, but not enough to actually get pregnant).
    Enjoy your special time with Jamie and Hubby.

  4. It is mere days away now, how exciting!!! Hope she plays a long with your vbac plans, but if not you did your very best and can be very proud! Love the 3D scan pic, so cute!

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