37 Weeks pregnant!

How far along are you now?  37 Weeks

What has been your preggy high this week?  Ticking of things off my to-do list.  Also seeing baby on Monday’s scan -she is just so cute!  Going on maternity leave next Friday, so looking forward to that!

What has been your preggy low this week? Being sick, but luckily doing better now.

What is your current over-riding emotion?  Joy for the little girl we’re about to meet.

What is on your list of things to do in the next month re prep for baby?  Finish packing my hospital bag. Buying some more nappies and wipes. Finish work and training.

When is your next appointment?  Next Monday and every Monday thereafter until I pop.

What is your current craving?  Nothing really…

How are you feeling physically?  Eina, eina, eina back and getting really uncomfortable.

How are you feeling emotionally?  Good, getting a bit impatient. So very excited.  Can’t wait to hold her, can’t wait for Jamie to see her, can’t wait for hubby to meet the “other girl” in his life.

How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage?  Fabulous, he helps me a lot, rubs my back, supports me… he treats me like a queen and I love him to bits for it.

How are you feeling about the pregnancy at this point?   Ready for it to be over really soon!  Preggy aches and pains getting too much, far worse this time around dealing with Jamie as well, work being more demanding.  But still loving the kicks and movement inside me, I’m going to miss it.

How much does baby weigh/ measurement at the moment? (Or at last scan). 24th of April she was just under 2.6.  Yesterday she measure just over 3, but I think he over estimated and he said he might have… so we’ll see next week.

How much weight have you gained to date?   Somewhere between 8 and 9, weight fluctuating a lot right now due to being sick.

What is the best preggy advice you have been given? To include Jamie in everything I do for the baby, to let him be my little helper


The last pregnancy update I did when I expected Jamie:



10 thoughts on “37 Weeks pregnant!

  1. So exciting! You are almost done now and soon that little one will be cuddling in your arms. Enjoy the butterflys and prepping and all the happy things.

  2. Prinsessie is amper in jou arms, kan dit nie glo nie!
    Pragtige bump piccie, wow! ♥
    Jammer jy’s siek gewees, hoop regtig jy’s chop-chop weer 100%.
    Awesome hubby!!!

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