35 Weeks Down ~ 5 To Go

Butterflies are starting to flutter in my tummy – so much excitement and nerves all rolled in to one.  I can’t believe I’m in the last stages of my pregnancy.  It’s my second pregnancy and it’s gone twice as fast.  Only 3 more weeks until my maternity leave starts… and weekly gynae visits starts from May.

Jamie already adores his little sister. Last night he actually made me eat one of his Easter chocolates so it could “go down down in to my tummy for baby”, because he wanted to share with her.  Then he pressed his ear against my tummy to hear her say thank you excitedly announced that she indeed said thank you. We talk a lot about what to expect with the new baby to prepare him, so he talks a lot about her too. We’re so blessed.

Yesterday afternoon we had another check up at the gynae’s office to see how our girl is fairing.  She is growing so well and weighing in at roughly 2.5 kg and the doctor estimates 3.2 – 3.3 kg at birth which I hope stays on track, because that means I will be cleared for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Only slight concern right now is that baby is posterior with her back against my back which can apparently make for a slightly more difficult birth, but her head is at least down and the doctor said she has started descending into the birth canal – he could just-just feel her head when examining my tummy, so she should drop soon.

When the gynae started the scan she kicked the sonar-prod/stick-thingy so hard that the very serious doctor actually laughed. Oh we had our first ever scan with no feet or hands in her face, so could get a nice look at her beautiful features.   So glad all is well with my little fairy-princess!

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8 thoughts on “35 Weeks Down ~ 5 To Go

  1. Good to hear that all is on track with Baby May
    Was thinking about you this morning because I was at “our hospital” for a gynae check up, blegh, I would rather have a baby, ugh

  2. Oh wow, she is beautiful, just look at that pout!! It is so sweet that Jamie is already wanting to share with her, I love that he heard her say thank you, let’s hope his baby whisperer talent helps after she is born as well!!! Awesome that she is growing on track and you may have a good chance at having a VBAC, I know that all that matters is to get baby out safely, but it would be really lovely if you could achieve that while getting the birth experience you are hoping for as well. All the best for these last few weeks! xx

  3. Ag daai lippies en wangetjies, jy gaan soveel pret he om haar te smooch!
    LOL @ die dokter wat lag vir hoe sy skop teen die sonar thingy!
    Min dae Debs, binnekort het jy jou fairy-princess in jou arms!

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