Easter 2014

I love making Easter a special affair, just like Christmas.  Yes, I’m one of those moms that wants to keep the magic alive about Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.  This is some of the little things Jamie (and his sister) will remember from their childhood and I want to make these special memories!

We had lovely family-time, we even slept later in the mornings.  On Monday morning even until 8 a.m. which is a new record for Jamie.  We watched movies, went to the park, played with trains and cars, a walk on the beach with Dex and friends and had some family-time when my brother and his family came to visit.

Jamie had his first little Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday evening with his two cousins hunting for glow in the dark eggs – they had tons of fun and my boy fell asleep the minute we hit the highway on our way home.  I’m just so glad it did not rain the whole weekend like it did last year!

On Sunday morning we had breakfast and while daddy helped Jamie to brush his teeth, get dressed and pack away his toys I quickly hid Easter Eggs all over the garden and made bunny footprints with flour.  When I told Jamie I saw bunny footprints outside, or “bunny footprintses” as he says, he was so excited, so I handed him his basket and off he went.

He loved discovering the chocolate eggs, bunnies and other treats I left for him, but when he found the bunny ears he was out of his skin!  He was a very happy little boy!  He did not eat as much chocolate as he did the previous two Easters, but he did enjoy the tiny white eggs I got for him.  And I’m so pleased he even shared with his daddy and me, without us asking!

Easter 2012
Easter 2013

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10 thoughts on “Easter 2014

  1. Ah I’m so glad you guys had such a special Easter weekend too! Beautiful pics, you look so gorgeous Debs! Ditto, I’m also definitely a mom that loves keeping the magic of traditions alive for our kiddies as long as possible – it does make for the best childhood memories! ♥

  2. Hehe at keeping the magic alive. We also do that with Liam. I was a bit worried this weekend when the neighbours kids came round and I gave them a marshmellow egg. Would it be thrown back at me and called EVIL. Fortunately they were gobbled up in no time. Seems Easter is not so evil after all.
    Liams godmom also bought him some of those glow in the dark eggs, that come with a little torch?
    Gorgeous pics of the family

    • Oh my goodness, so glad that easter eggs aren’t “evil”, otherwise I would have been evil reincarnated by now with the amount of easter eggs I had!
      Yup, exactly those glow in the dark eggs with the blue torches! I bought it last year, but it rained the whole weekend so never got to use them, so this year I just chucked out the old jellybeans and put little sweeties in.
      Big hugs x

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