The Princess Boudoir <3

Baby May’s room is finished!  Took a day off yesterday to go and buy all the last stuff that I needed for her.  Okay, preggy brains forgot a few things, like a microwave sterilizer, another 2 or 3 warm babygrows and an amber teething necklace, but as for the rest – all  done 🙂

I had so much fun decorating and getting her room ready.  I love fairies, and have been collecting fairies for such a long time, so to choose her room theme was not hard at all. . . and purple is my favourite colour, so that was easy too.

I bought the fairy decals at 3 different places, was so chuffed when I got them.  The cot is the same cot we used for Jamie – it’s his grandfather’s cot and almost 70 years old.  My dad restored it for Jamie’s room and we decided to use it again for the baby.

PicMonkey Collage1

I designed this “poster” for her – it’s my heart’s wish for her and got this nice frame at Mr. Price Home.  I also made the cot mobile for her – was such a labour of love.

PicMonkey Collage2

I painted the pillow and my mom helped to sew it together.  The duvet-set was a team effort by me and my mom – I found the material, cut it out and roughly stitched it, and my mom machine stitched it and added the finishing touches.  The dolly is her first doll from her Aunty Mandels and the giraffe (and flowers next to the cupboard) was sent by a very thoughtful Jess.

Jamie also contributed to the room – he helped his daddy paint it, and he made this lovely pink butterfly and pom-pom art piece for her.  He also painted her some more pictures which we put away for her.PicMonkey Collage3I hope she will enjoy her room as much as we enjoyed putting it together for her.  May she spend many happy hours playing in her room and may this be her little sanctuary, her happy place. ❤






10 thoughts on “The Princess Boudoir <3

  1. Ah Debs, her room is absolutely beautiful and perfect. All that it needs now is the lil fairy princess that’s going to live there! I love all the personal touches, can just see all the love and thought you put into it. That mobile is so stunning, you clever mamma! Love Jamie’s artwork too. Well done! Yay @ completed room! ♥

  2. This is beautiful. I l over how you sent time on each detail, making it into a labour of love. We never went to this much trouble, and when I see your room,I think maybe we should have. We spent a long time building the wooden cot ourselves, along with a crib. Baby May is going to love it.

  3. Oh man, that looks stunning. It’s the same purple as Liams room, LOL (really must change that)
    We also bought a 2nd hand cot for Liam, restored it and now we’ve put it away for him if he has a family.
    Can’t wait to meet baby May, bless her, she’s already so loved, even by us bloggies

    • I adore that colour purple, haha and Jamie also wanted to have his room painted purple after he saw it – so I’m almost jealous of Liam’s and Baby May’s purple rooms :-p
      Aww thank you for the kind words, Helen! She sure is loved like crazy already 🙂

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