Good boy!

Jamie has never been a great sleeper, well except for the brief period when he was two months old and slept through the night for a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately that changed when teething started/I went back to work, not quite sure what was the trigger.

Eventually when he completely dropped his night feeds and slept in his own bed, he still woke up during the night, calling for mommy or daddy for some comfort.  He grew up some more and instead of calling for us, he got out of his bed and climbed in bed with us at some stage through the night.

Now we’ve reached the stage (AT LAST!!!) @ 3 years 7 months where he is actually sleeping through the night, in his own bed. Well done, my boy, Mommy’s so proud of you!  Granted, I do miss him, and check on him every time I have to get up for my preggy-bladder, because he just can’t stay under his blankey.  And every morning when my alarm goes off, I climb in his bed with him, just for a little bit of cuddle before I kiss, tickle and cuddle him until he wakes up.


Isn’t it funny though, that this only happened 2½ months before we start this whole cycle over with Baby May?  And that I can’t truly enjoy a full night’s sleep myself now with preggy-bladder and aches?  Murphy is a *&%$#!




12 thoughts on “Good boy!

  1. Ah bless, love the piccie of sleeping Jamie!
    Mia has recently started enjoying sleeping later in the mornings, like til 8am or some mornings even a bit after 8. This weekend I told Wyn, see, it takes 3.5 years for them to sleep through the night AND not wake up at the crack of dawn… So we’ll get to lie-in again in 2017. Eish! Lol!

  2. Aww man, gorgeous pic of you man sleeping. Big boy. We’re still struggling to get Liam to fall asleep in his own bed. But once I’ve put him there he generally stays there.
    Oh hay, I still have the baby monitor on, what you talking about. And I check on him each time I get up, which is a lot. I think I have your sympathy preggy bladder, haha.

    • Hmmm still struggling to get Jamie to fall asleep on his own too, first I have to lie down with him, then his daddy, sometimes then he’ll fall asleep, but sometimes have to go back again. Haha @ sympathy preggy bladder! Glad I’m not the only one who checks up on him during the night, thought I might be a bit over-protective 🙂 xx

  3. Jamie seems to have the same sleeping issues as Hayley. She still gets in bed with us so your post gave me some hope.

  4. So hope does exist. Yippee! We are 2.5 years down the lie and we are waiting for that magical morning of undisturbed sleep.

  5. Okay so I am a bit behind here, but yay for sleeping through! Could I borrow Jamie for a few nights to try and teach Layla a thing or two? In return she can teach him to fall asleep on his own without too much hassle! 🙂

    • Would have been such a great trade… unfortunately the sleeping through was a short-lived couple of nights and he is back to crawling into bed with us during the early morning hours. Thanks to a blocked nose… urgh!

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