My dearest Jamie

My Angel Boy

I was paging through the scrapbook I started when I was just a handful of weeks pregnant with you, and reading all my pregnancy updates and letters I wrote you. Oh how quick the time has passed… from just a poppy seed to the little (big) boy you are now.

I could not help, but wonder this morning when I woke you with your usual wake-up kissies, how long will you still tolerate your mama smothering you with kisses, hugs and cuddles.  Will you at least indulge your mother with a hello & goodbye kiss & hug when you’re a teenager or when you’re all grown up?  I am sure to appreciate them, but for now I savor every single one of them and storing the memories of each cuddle in a special place in my heart.

I hear these words so much these days: “Mommy, I love you”, “Mommy, I want/need you” “Mommy, I missed you”.  They are like music to my ears.  I will always be there for you, my boy, always – through thick and thin!

My Jamie-boy, I love how you tell us stories and I love your vivid imagination – don’t ever lose that, because it will sure make for a colourful life!  I just listened to the recording daddy made of the story you told him – about the dragon who came and destroyed your baby sister’s pink room, and then your room and how you fought him and in the end he liked giving hugs.  So cute, oh how I love this talkative stage!

You are still such a busy-body, always on the run, always busy with something and sometimes oh so mischievous.  I love your zest for life and how you just make every day count. You are always such a happy chappy – your smile lights up my world.

I can’t handle it when you’re hurt, and it’s bound to happen on a regular occurrence with you being such a wild child.  Please take care of yourself, you are such a precious boy, my Pixie-Wix.

Always remember how much mommy loves you.  This will never stop, it’s like breathing.  I get tears in my eyes just thinking of how important you are to me. To infinity and beyond!

Much love



6 thoughts on “My dearest Jamie

  1. Aw Debs, I sommer feel all tearful reading this, what a special letter to your big boy. Such a special bond you have. What a cute dragon story, oh my goodness! 😉 ♥

  2. Aw man, why don’t you make us cry, blegh. You’ve spoken every parents heart. I sommer got heart sore this weekend when I shouted at Liam and he said “you aren’t my mommy anymore” but 5 minutes later we were best buds again.
    They will always be our baby’s, even when they are big like their dads’

    • Haha I had to chuckle at the “you aren’t my mommy anymore”, cause there ain’t anything they can do about it, even if they wanted to :-p
      So true, they will be our babies forever

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