A big eina

I think all mommies (and daddies of course) with little children at creches, daycare centers, daymoms or schools dread “those phonecalls” with awful news like your child is sick, or your child fell.

Yesterday we got our second one announcing a big fall that may require stitches.  Luckily they know to rather phone my hubby dearest, because I don’t react well to bad news.  So hubby was the one to phone me with the news, and him staying calm helped me not to freak out beyond control.

So my rough, little boy climbed onto something, and fell open his head, or rather his brow bone.  So badly, that they got the paramedics in and they were already on their way when they phoned hubby.  I have a brave, little boy, a real super boy – by the time I phoned the principal (after hubby phoned me and were racing to go fetch Jamie), Jamie was already calm, stopped crying, allowed the paramedics to stop the bleeding and bandage him up and was eating watermelon while watching cartoons.

He was a big boy at the doctors’ office too – they used Dermabond, a surgical glue to close the wound.  Thank goodness for Dermabond, it’s so much better than stitches – can barely see a scar where Jamie fell the first time. And I think it’s far less traumatic to apply than putting in stitches.

I am so proud of Jamie. He really handled everything so well, for such a bit ouch.


The big eina – after paramedics stopped bleeding and cleaned, before doc glued and covered.


2 thoughts on “A big eina

  1. OMW! Poor Jamie! And poor you!!! Kids are so amazingly resilient that I’m pretty sure things like this are wayyyy more traumatic for us than it is for them.
    I’m so glad he’s ok and that a little Dermabond was all it took to get him all better …

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