A Jamie Update

My little boy puts so many smiles upon my face and makes me laugh out loud just as many times.  He really is the cutest little angel that makes me so very happy.

I love the things he comes up with, like the other day when we went to the Boardwalk and there were a veiled Muslim lady walking around and he exclaimed “Look Mommy, a mystery!”.  Or when he told me that he is going to jump on my balloon belly so baby can come out now, and that baby must not get any bigger because she is going to break her chair when she sits on it (meaning her bouncy chair).

I was amazed last night when I listened to the conversation he and the 5-year old boy from next-door had yesterday.  Jamie really holds his own when talking to the much older little dude. It went somewhat like this after little Shanny showed off their new puppy:

Shanny:  My new puppy is very small
Jamie: We have a dog too, but Dex is BIIIIG already.
Shanny: Yeah my mommy did not have enough money for a bigger dog.
Jamie:  (a very surprised) OH!  Yeah Dexter is really big.

Jamie also started to tell us stories and starts them with “Mommy (or Daddy), I want to tell you a story – Once upon a time…”  Then he tells us about the time (about 4 months ago) when he and Gabby (other neighbour’s girl) went to John Dory’s with us and when we came out the wind swept their balloons and how the security guy got Gabby’s balloon back, but not his.

Oh and he tries his hand at Knock Knock jokes too and it goes somewhat like this
Jamie:  Knock knock knock (in a sing-songy voice)
Daddy: Who’s there?

Our Pixie-Wix is really growing up way too fast.  We are already applying to pre-primary schools, because he has to start Grade 0 next year!  It’s insane!  And gosh, it’s such a process – some of the things they ask on the forms are ridiculous – even what are the hobbies and interests of Jamie’s emergency contact!  I’m surprised they don’t ask for urine and blood samples too.  We applied at two schools thus far – both feeder schools to certain primary schools, so I just hope and pray we get interviews or get accepted.  Will still apply at a third school too when applications open in March.  I was so confused at how PE schools work – about feeder schools and that you aren’t guaranteed a spot where you apply, and that you must live in a 5 km radius from the school.  Which is really hard when you live in a new’ish neighbourhood with only one crappy school nearby.

Jamie is enjoying his new class this year.  He has advanced from Marleen’s class to Natasha’s Class.  Oh there was tears the first morning – understandable after a long holiday and lots of spoils with mom and dad, but he came back that afternoon with a “I’m in Tasha’s class, cool huh!” – so I’m glad that adapted to his new class quickly.

I can’t get over the fact that Jamie is so excited about his little sister.  I was worried in the beginning, because I heard of so many friends who had trouble with their kids adjusting to the idea of a sibling.  I hope that it helps that I involve Jamie as much as possible – telling him about baby’s development, reading him a story of a little girl who got a new baby brother, and asking him to help with stuff for his baby sister.  It was so funny this weekend when Jamie was laying on top of me with his head on my tummy and Baby May gave a hard kick and Jamie felt it but he told me “Haha Mommy, your tummy’s rumbling!” – he was in shock when I told him it was actually his sister kicking and he just told me that she must not kick mommy, that’s not nice!  He just could not understand that I said I like it when she kicks and that it’s not sore.

I love this little dude!



4 thoughts on “A Jamie Update

  1. Love the chatting with the 5 year old. Our boys are good at talking it seems. Sometimes I just want to say “Liam, you are making my ears hurt” which is what he says to me when I babble too much.
    Good that you are involving him in the pregnancy, I’m sure it will help.
    I hear you on the school thing. I think the area you are in shouldn’t matter. If you are prepared to drive the distance for a decent school then they should accept your application. It’s not their business how far you have to drive to get there. I’ve got my applications in, but some of them want me to wait until October 2014 before I get an answer as to whether we’ve been accepted or not for 2015. I might have 4 months to look for a school if we don’t get accepted! It sucks. I wonder if our parents had this?
    What has Jamie got on his face?

    • LOL @ “making my ears hurt” – oh boy, Liam is a “gladde bekkie” hehe.
      The school thing is crazy… hope they let you know earlier than October though. I’m pretty sure back in the day parents just applied at school without today’s hassle and restrictions…
      Hehe that was Christmas day and was probably some type of chocolate, probably remnants of an Oreo Cookie 🙂 xx

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