Summer Holidays 2013

Oh we had fun! Lots and lots of fun! No or rather little rest, but big-time fun with our little guy!

We did so many things during the holidays. We had beach-days, and a fishing day with my sis, we spent so much time outside in the sunshine – can’t remember when last my body was this sun-kissed! We took Jamie to the game centre, we took him to Kiddielovers and African Sky’s. We took him to the Spur a couple of times as this is his favourite place in the whole wide world hehe! We took Jamie to his first movie and we watched Frozen in 3d. He had his first pizza at my favourite pizza-place Leonardo’s. Gosh we were really busy, and we didn’t even do everything we had on our list. Time just went by so fast.

Christmas eve was spent at my in-laws. Jamie had a ball in my BIL’s swimming pool and playing with his cousin, Troy. We had a lovely braai and then it was time to open presents. Jamie was besides himself when he got the bicycle he asked for, and a whole lot more. The next morning he opened his last present from us – a splash pool he has been asking for as well – so he got everything on his Christmas list: bicycle, swimming pool, and a lollypop, and many more extras he didn’t even expect. Christmas lunch was with my parents where Jamie got loads more presents. Baby May was also spoiled with lovely pink pressies.

New Years eve was very relaxed, a braai at my parents house – just us 5½. Jamie exhausted his grandfather, because it was just “Oupa, Oupa, Oupa” the whole time. Running around, swinging around the washing pole, pretending to be Supermans etc. Then it was Ouma’s turn, he even insisted that she bathed him. New Years day we decided to spent at home, I wasn’t feeling to well – was so tired and nauseous the whole day.

We spent a lot of time this holidays to prepare for Baby May too. We painted her room, shopped for a lot and I started making her cot mobile and frame with special words to go on her wall. Shopped for decor items, baby bottles, clothes and much more. Sorted out the room as well, the room was previously my office and our storage space, so took quite a while to sort out and move everything out. Can’t wait to finish it!

All in all, a very productive holiday, filled with quality family-time – just what the doctor ordered!
Now it’s back to reality, back to work, back to school for Jamie and back to routines.  No wonder we all had the post-holiday blues earlier this week.

But looking forward to the next one! Then a new, pretty addition would have made her debut to our family already 🙂


PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage1



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